Pic: Freeholder candidate alleges Mayor Fulop involved in “secret meeting” about County Courthouse

In a Facebook post this morning, District 3 Freeholder candidate Esmeralda Trinidad alleged that Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop was participating in a “secret meeting” about the future of the Hudson County Courthouse this afternoon.

As Hudson County TV reported in November, the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders tabled a resolution that would have allowed the building of a new County Courthouse to commence.

Calls and emails to the mayor’s office were not returned on Friday.



  1. As soon as someone w/INTEGRITY! eg Steve! gets elected, the HCDO pols solicit anyone & everyone! w/their blandisments to help bring him down—I bet they bought U on the cheap Esmeralda!

    • Garry – Unfortunately Steve is working hand-and-hand with the HCDO. He even choose the HCDO candidate for District 3, a man who just moved to Jersey City two years ago and happens to be a former member of the McGreevey Administration in both Trenton and Woodbridge. He’s also a big leader within the union LIUNA, which has statewide influence, and endorsed Gov. Christie’s reelection. In addition, that union pushed hard for the Spectra Gas Pipeline that goes through the district his chosen candidate, Gerald Balmir, is running in. Tons of Jersey City residents voiced their opposition to the pipeline, including then-Councilman Fulop. Unfortunately Mayor Fulop was being very disingenuous about his opposition, especially considering he took thousands of dollars from the lobbying firm representing Spectra (Decotiis Fitzgerald). As well, Mr. Balmir is an appointed member of the Jersey City MUA, which just granted hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts to CME associates, a firm that donated 30k to Mayor Fulop’s campaign and has been linked to many pay-to-play scandals.

      The real question here, Garry, is how much does Steve Fulop pay a racist woman-hating coward like YOU?

  2. Fulop sold his soul to Albio Sires and Richard Turner soon as he got elected. Another Liar Mayor in HC bought off by the Corrupt Leaders that rule HC.