Police Brutality in West New York? An expert's Analysis

Police Brutality in West New York? An expert’s Analysis. Earlier this week a video showing Steven Betancourt, being arrested was posted on YouTube.   Betancourt, who is the son of mayoral candidate Carlos “Chuck” Betancourt, was charged with aggravated assault on police officers. The narrator of the video, as well as Betancourt’s lawyer, feels that the police used excessive force, even brutality. HCTV spoke with Richard Rivera on the subject. 



  1. Expert Analysis, who? You might want to take a look at this slow motion video which clearly shows he was set up for a vicious attack, Mr. Ana . Up against a glass plate on his toes because he was being pushed. I thought it was supposed to be “hands up, up against a wall?Of course when he was clearly struck he falls and pushes back , wouldn’t want to break that glass plate with your body would you? His hands were also lifted by the cop cuffing him who disguises a positioning for the blow the other cop took on him that makes him fall,push back and react. Shameful. youtu.be/uAkY7sBwSNQ http://youtu.be/uAkY7sBwSNQ

  2. Cops are trained to shout “Stop Resisting! and when the one who is shouting it knows he is being filmed, even more so. That’s right, they pull him by the hair while they try to smash his face on the ground, his shoulders took those cuts. He was also dragged like a dog by the hair to the corner of Bergenline Avenue again, when initially he was shoved off and around the corner of Bergenline to begin with.

  3. Rich Rivera was 100% correct. If the actor would have allowed the Police to place handcuffs on him and then argue his case in court, none of the force Police used would have been necessary. Police have a job to do. They are not going to let you go because you say so. Argue the case in court.