Police bust heroin sale at Liquor Store on Ocean Avenue in Jersey City

(the address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes)

JERSEY CITY – Police arrested a Jersey City man after they witnessed a suspected drug sale of heroin take place inside a local Liquor Store, according to officials.

On March 15th at around 7:00 p.m. Officers Redmond and Fernandez observed a group of individuals standing outside out One Stop Ocean Liquors at 641 Ocean Avenue. According to officials, this year is known for it’s high volume of CDS complaints. Officials also noted that numerous CDS arrests were made in this area.

While walking past the Liquor store, officers observed a man pass a white small bag to a female, which officials suspected to be a drug transaction, according to police reports.

When they entered the liquor store the male threw a white glassine bag to the floor. The glassine bag was marked in purple with “Versace” and was believed to be suspected heroin. During a search, police recovered 23 of these bags from the mans pants pockets and $130 in suspected process from narcotic sales.

Patrick Spencer, 50, of Jersey City was arrested and charged with possession of CDS, possession of CDS in a school zone, and possession of CDS with intent to distribute. It was later determined that Spencer also had two active warrants out of Jersey City.

The female left the store during the arrest and was unable to be located.

Hudson County TV attempted to call Ocean One Stop Liquors for more information but the phone number is no longer in service.


  1. Yeah right give me a break the cops didn’t get there share of money that’s why they bust suddenly ocean ave been hot