Police looking for Juveniles who assaulted Chinese Food Delivery man


A delivery man was hospitalized after being assaulted by three juveniles on Palisades Ave. in Union City, Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

It was nearly 11:00pm when the victim, an employee of Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, was attacked at an apartment building on Palisades Ave. After ringing the bell, he was let into the building by a juvenile male who immediately struck him in the face. As he fell to the floor, two other juvenile males appeared from the stairway and began kicking him. The victim was able to deter the juveniles by shouting that police were on their way. The suspects grabbed the Chinese food and fled the scene. No other proceeds were taken. When police arrived, they found the victim on the hallway floor covered in blood from a laceration on his right eyebrow. EMS arrived with Detectives L. Hernandez and Sgt. Goodwin and the victim was transported to Hackensack University Medical center without further incident. 

The victim was only able to see the first juvenile that struck him and described him to be a young, hispanic, male, possibly a high school student, wearing beige school-uniform-style pants and a dark coat. 

As of today, one juvenile has been apprehended and police are still searching for the other two suspects. Police are reviewing footage from surveillance cameras that are present at the Colin Powel School, located directly across the street, as well as in the surrounding areas. 

No other details are available at this time.


  1. The kid that was caught Is a good kid I respect him because he didn’t snitch and he’s taking everything but I hope he is okay the other 2 kids are lucky to have a friend like him.

  2. I personally know the mom, dad & family of the kid who got caught and they are good people. Her son got caught up in a screwed up situation. But hes taking responsibility not only for himself but for the other 2 kids who are letting him take the fall. This is kid refuses to snitch on them and for that I respect him. I pray for this kid because I’ve known him since he was little. But if hes anything like his parents he will be strong and get through this. As for the other 2 kids I hope they just stay away from the kid & family. I hope his parents read this and know alot of people are praying for him and have his back.

  3. The kid that got caught is a true man for not turning on his friends but if those 2 kids are his true friends they would turn themselves in!! If the parent of those other 2 kids read this do the right thing and have your kids face the consequence as there friend is!! I’ll keep you in my prayers!!

  4. I know the kid that got caught personally. He is an awesome kid with great parents. He is a smart, charming, and clean cut kid. A crime is a crime and it is wrong I get that. But
    let’s focus on the fact that he is a kid. Kids make mistakes. This mistake has effected him tremendously. But he was not alone. The other 2 kids involved need to be responsible for their own actions. I hope their parents make the right choice after their children made a wrong decision by turning their children in.

  5. This kid is a true man he didn’t snitch on no one i respect that. I know this kid i use to hang out with him everyday thats my fucking nigga right there i love that nigga as my brother. Im gonna miss him ya don’t understand this is my right hand man, my shooter, my main nigga. I know he gonna beat the case and if he don’t free my brother my shooter imma be waiting for him to come out love that nigga.

  6. This whole situation is crazy. This kid that is taking the wrap for everything aint a bad kid. I grew up with him, played sports with him and we hung out. It hurts to see him go through something like this. I respect him for being a stand up guy and not snitching but them other 2 dudes that were involved aint shit and they definitely not real friends like they call themselves. All they care about is not getting caught instead of owning up to their responsibilities. My boy will be good. Keep your head up and everyones praying for you and the fams.

  7. That’s my boy and his old friends mean nothing to him in my opion if his old friends were in his place they would’ve snitched him out. They wasn’t his real friends he dont even like them out of all his old friends he messes with like 2. They were never his friends.

  8. This whole shit is crazy. When it comes down to it the kid isnt snitching and he got respect for that but them other 2 cats needs to man up instead of being pussy if they are his real friends but they aint because they scared. And for the cat who posted the last comment dont talk shit about friends cause by the sound of your post u probably one of the kids involved. Yall should do this kid a favor and stay away from him so he can handle his case without fake niggas pretending to give a fuck.

  9. LMAO ^^ i wasn’t involved but thats my boy and even if i was i would know that I’m good because i know he not a snitch i love that nigga as my brother. he gonna finish this case and after i know he not gonna do something stupid again.

  10. Its a shame a good kid like this gotta go down for the whole shit while the other 2 punks chill out. I know the family an they cool peoples. Im glad to see they handling business for my boy. All them bullshit back an forth comments above about friends aint even cool. If yall cant post something positive for the kid stay shut an let him be.

  11. This is stupid you people should mind your business and leave the situation alone. He already took the blame theres no point in commenting on this. He must have a lot of respect with his friends now. And a lot of respect in the streets well i hope good for the kid and hope he realizes that this was stupid. And if there was people that was his old friends probably left him. So they was never his real friends the people he is with now is his real friends because they with him even when he is in trouble.

  12. I don’t know him but i could tell he is someone you could trust i heard stories about him and i live in north bergen. He has a lot of respect up here for not snitching. Yeah he got bumped but he got though it and taking the responsibility for them. The stories i heard makes him a rider not a follower he the type of kid that is down for what ever. And he would never let his friend do something alone. He just a type of kid that if he with his friend and his friend gets bumped he going in with him because he is a rider and thats the type of friend you should have.

  13. Im the mother of the individual who got caught. I tried my hardest to refrain from commenting on this but now I cant help myself. Yes my child did wrong and although he did not act alone he is taking responsibility for the entire scenario. All these comments above about old & new friends is irrelevant. My child made a mistake and is now paying the consequences and WILL learn from this, trust me. I would very much appreciate if everyone would allow my kid and our family to deal with the situation and the outcome whatever that may be in private. For the record I do not condone the involvement my child had but as a mother I support my child’s decision not to snitch and will stand by my child till the end. We will deal with this, learn from it and put it behind us. I only hope you all can do the same.

  14. Its quite obvious that some of the comments above were posted by individuals involved in the situation. the truth of the matter is regardless of what people think he is a good kid and always has been. his old friends are not his opens the door still his friends and they have nothing but love for him!! from the mom of one of his old and always will be friends

  15. If his old friends was still his friends why did you leave him when he started doing stuff. If you was his real friends like ya say you are you would’ve stuck by him through the whole thing and not leave him. You guys aren’t his real friends idc what you guys say. I’m his real friend I’ve been with him through it all we chilled everyday no matter the case was.

  16. This is stupid he got caught thats it if it was the other way around and he didn’t get caught and his friends did i don’t know if his mom would turn him in so why complain that they didn’t turn them selfs in.

  17. If his old friends was his friends they woulde stood with him even though he started getting in trouble a real friend never leaves his friend when he starts getting in trouble. Ive been with him for a while we done stuff got in trouble but we still out here chilling everyday no matter what the case is. IDC if he murdered someone i wouldn’t leave him because the kid is my boy same way if i did something he wouldn’t leave me so his old friends better back up and my nigga alone because i don’t fucks with his old friends and i told him don’t trust them niggas they’ll sell u out just to save there asses.

    • friends? let me tell you something, from EXPIRENCE friends come a dime a dozen. truth is NO ONE is going through this but this kid. Friends don’t let friends take the fall alone. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD! either way the kid IS A GOOD KID. very sweet and loving. people make mistakes. it’s typical human error. all that matters is that this kid learns and grows from this expirence. as i said before i will say again, if the “friends” involved were “friends” then the kid wouldn’t be taking the fall ALONE!!

      let me clarify, I AM NOT A KID or AN OlD FRIEND
      I’M SOMEBODYS MOM, an ADULT and I’m Just Calling it how I see it.

      I love this Child and I would never want any bad or negative to come this child’s way.

      The only way to go from here is up.

      • Thank you for your kind words about my son. Im not sure who you are but the support is very much appreciated.

  18. All this back and forth about old/new friends is uncalled for and a non factor in my son’s case. Truth be told his focus is being directed on getting through this and moving on not what friend was there or what friend left. Bottom line my son is taking responsibility for the whole thing as I said yesterday. So all this nonsense is doing nothing but stirring up unnecessary drama. If everyone is his “friend” you will stop the asinine comments and let him be. At the end of all of this his dad & I are his true friends. As his mother and an adult I’m asking that you let this go. As far as the other juveniles involved I can care less about. I appreciate those that have shown concern, love & support for my son.

    • Let me make something VERY clear to whoever “anon” is. If the situation was reversed my son would definitely be held accountable for his actions instead of hiding from it. I never once said otherwise so your question is pointless. Truth be told all of the kids commenting above can go on and on about real or fake friends but in the end I’M his true friend because I will ALWAYS be there for him. One thing I can say for my son is he owned up to his mistake unlike the other 2 juveniles who are NON FACTORS and mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. My son will go through this process and move on.

    • I’m appalled on how everyone here says this criminal is getting respect for not snitching. You are the reason we don’t change the stereotypes. I feel for the victims in all this who are working everyday of their lives to have to put up with this. This isn’t a mistake. This was a conscious decision to hurt someone for $10 and a fee soda. When your family member gets assaulted or worse, let’s see how much respect you have for no snitching.