Police: Pool Party Broken Up By Union City Police Leads to 18 Arrested, Including Six Juveniles

Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

Union City police responded to a resident’s call that there were numerous teenagers going in and out of the Thomas A. Edison Elementary School, located at 507 West St., swimming pool on Sunday at 1:37 a.m., according to a copy of the police report obtained by Hudson County TV. 

Officer saw a male, Vincent Vives, 18, from 13th Street in Union City, walking out of the pool area . Vives, a lifeguard at the pool, told police he left the side entrance to the pool open when he got off of work around 11 p.m. on Saturday so that he and his friends could have a pool party, the report says.

When Vives opened the door of the building, all of the party-goers attempted to run away from the police, but were all apprehended, authorities said.

“Numerous bottles” of alcohol were found inside the building, as well as an undisclosed amount of marijuana, police said. All six juveniles: a 16-year-old girl, two 17-year-old girls and three 17-year-old boys, at the scene were charged with underage drinking of alcohol and criminal trespass, the report says. One of the boys underage boys was also charged with marijuana possession, police said.

Union City residents arrested were: Michael Ruiz, 18, of 7th Street, Ceasar Cintron, 19, of Palisade Ave., Roberto Luna, 18, of West Street, Jeffrey Rodriguez, 18, of 7th Street, Nicolas Espana, 18, of West Street, Marcos Gomez, 19, of Palisade Ave., Cassivs Otero, 18, of 6th Street, Victor Torres, 18, of 6th Street, Manuela Zapata, 18, of Bergenline Ave., Adrianna Liverman, 18, of 10th Street, and the aforementioned Vives.

Roy Santiago, 19, of Ocean Ave. in Jersey City, was the only legal adult arrested from outside of Union City.

According to a report by The Jersey Journal, Vives has since been fired and the city is considering installing security cameras in the area to prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.



  1. Now that I R older & wiser, I still really regret that I was never invited to these kinda “functions” in my youth…
    Something for these kids to remeniss about w/their grandchildren in 2050!!!
    When they R in court I hope Judges Macias & Munoz go gentle w/them.
    They R all really juveniles! Just the opinion of a 61 yr old!
    They did nothing malicious or hurtful..Just kids screwing up the way kids need to do if they R going to grow up to be “seasoned” adults..