Political opponent alleges felon threw fundraiser for Mayor Roque, Roque’s camp denies claim. Mayoral hopeful Carlos “Chucky” Betancourt says that West New York Mayor Felix Roque attended a fundraiser last week thrown by Rolando Cribeiro, who pled guilty to bribery back in May. Through town spokesman Pablo Fonseca, Roque denied the accusation.


  1. Pablo. Let me jog your memory since even you knew better than to show up….. He was the guy with the attaché case collecting the money at the table talking to victor coca of YYY construction. Come on now…don’t insult our intelligence…. And for all of you who are paying attention…. YYY is going before the zoning board next week to convert a warehouse to a 12 unit bldg at 6111 Palisade Ave. Furthermore, Franco Zanardelli, former construction official/convicted felon works for this company as will Roly when he returns from prison. You connect the dots. Because we already did. I implore anyone who wants change to attend all meetings and pay attention. For instance tomorrow at the town meeting they are attempting to pass a resolution to make roques criminal attorney and his sons criminal attorney the assistant town attorney and the staff attorney AGAIN. PLEASE COME TO THE MEETING AND LET THIS BAND OF THIEVES KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO THIS ANY LONGER.

    And curiously enough the agenda on the website is incomplete.

    • Jennifer-You forgot to mention Coca’s partners in crime. Most notably his attorney and his architect “The Pereiras twins”. These out of towners along with their associates are the driving force behind YYY, Cribeiro, the newly formed Political Action Committee and all questionable applications before WNY Zoning Boards. I hear that The FBI is around town inquiring about their string of recent development approvals, the money they give and their connection to Roque, Coca, Cribeiro and other ethically challenged individuals.

      • Corruption and Jennifer:

        We cannot forget that Prudencio “Chino” Lemagne was present sitting among Franco Zanardelli and Roly Cribeiro…… all the while Rich Rivera was at the bar expressing his “disgust” for the recent turn of events in WNY. Really Rich? Recent? Since May 16, 2011, corruption rules in WNY once again. It seems all your hard work has gone down the $hitter.

        Cant wait to see the photos.

        • Armando – I dont know what you speak of…..but I am speaking of the prior work of Richie. If theres an investigation out there now, it wouldnt surprise me but I am hoping that they found someone else to wear a wire. Richie doing it a second time is a little conspicuous, no?

  2. Emilio Del Valle lied to The FBI and jury during Choque Roques trial. Not only did Emilio change his testimony after Mayor Nick Sacco and his subordinates promise him a seat at the table but he is now a full blown Roque supporter. Shortly The U.S.Attorney will indict Emilio for lying to federal agents in exchange for payment (20k part-time job in WNY).

  3. This is getting interesting.. so YYY Construction, Cribeiro, Victor Coca and Roque do a fundraiser were former Commissioner Gerry Lange was the speaker. This fundraiser is going to a super pac that among other thing is created to destroy Munoz reputation and other Anti Roque groups. Is Caridad Rodriguez ok with this? Now YYY Construction puts an application in front of the Planing Board for approval… This is getting interesting… let me get a bowl of popcorn this is better than the tv soap opera…..

  4. Thanks for your comments, Jennifer. The Pereiras siblings showed no concern for the violations and fines on the Commissioner Ruben Vargas home owned by his wife that she presented on 10/3/12 and 3/6/13 to planning board even though I provided ample documentation about a three alarm fire that occured there on 11/30/11 that could have killed my wife and I who live next door. That lawyer is also incompete.She incorrectly answered at least one question on the Vargas application about whether that property borders another municipality.

  5. these comments are always the same its always pat commenting on his hatred for ruben and munoz slamming caridad….the video is about roque people don’t lose focus

  6. is it just me or doesn’t chuckster seem all talk?? i hope other people run for mayor so we don’t get stuck with this guy!

  7. Ohh boy, is Pablo Fonseca full of sh….. Pablo Gerry Lange has been telling everyone how well Roque did in the fundraising with the help of Cribeiro… you know how many restaurants Roque and Cribeiro had been seem together…. ohh man this one is going to the history books… lol… this one is better than when Albio told a reporter I don’t know who Rene Abreu is ….

  8. Jenifer-can you tell me if the architect and attorney AKA “The Pereira Twins” are the same individuals who represented Deputy Mayor Silvio Acosta with his illegal rooming house? I hear The FBI was very interested in the role they played. Is it a coincidence that they represent a Deputy Mayor & a sitting Commissioner-YYY Construction-Cribeiro and all other unscrupulous individuals? Is it a coincidence they organized and run a Political Action Committee to funnel money to Mayor a Roque so their development projects get approved? These questions and many others go unanswered. It appears only The Federal Authorities will find the truth.

  9. Lets face it folks, the town of West New York is a total mess! So glad I moved out of that crap hole long ago. Bergenline is one big trash bin! The whole town is a mess!

  10. Agree JB WNY is a cesspool. Travel in any direction out and you can see the difference in towns. Travel North-South-East or West and you will thank God Roque is not your mayor. Just cross WNY Union City border and it is like paradise lost (WNY) to paradise found (Union City). I wouldn’t even dare to make a comparison to North Bergen, Gutenberg etc.

  11. Thank you, Chuck, for shedding the light on corruption. I believe you are an agent of positive change for our town.