Port Authority arrests woman after using counterfeit bills at GWB toll booth

At about 10:30 pm on June 13, 2016 Port Authority Police answered a call from the GWB toll booth personnel stating that a motorist was using counterfeit bills.  

Port Authority Police arrived and interviewed the suspect. It was alleged that she had handed the toll booth clerk three counterfeit $10.00 bills.

The suspects auto smelled of burnt marijuana. The suspect claimed she had no identification and did not have a driver’s license.  The suspect did retrieve her bag opened it retrieved a small bag from within the pocket book and tossed it on the back seat. 

10 glassine envelopes of suspected heroin and drug  paraphernalia were contained in the bag.   Inside the door of the auto five counterfeit $10.00 bills and a large knife were seen and recovered.. 

A cigarette pack with a burnt marijuana cigar was recovered on the floor of the car.  Also recovered was a metal container with 31 glassine envelopes containing alleged Heroin  and eight more  counterfeit $10.00 bills.  

The suspect was arrested. She was transported to Bergen County Jail.