Port Authority Police Arrest Incoherent Couple Driving near Holland Tunnel for Drug Possession

At about 7 p.m. on 1/27/2016, the female suspect was seen by Port Authority Police Officer Josh Oliveri driving her black, 2016 Mercedes Benz westbound on Route 139 near the Holland Tunnel. The Mercedes drifted from lane to lane and the operator could not maintain the marked lane. PO Oliveri pulled the suspect over and asked the driver for her license. There was a male passenger in the front passenger seat. The driver did not acknowledge the officer’s presence and mumbled incoherently. PO Oliveri asked a second time and the suspect complied but continued to mumble and speak incoherently. The driver’s eyes appeared watery and bloodshot. The driver stated there was marijuana in the console of the car and she had consumed “Molly.” The male passenger in the front seat was whispering to himself. When the driver got out of the Mercedes she struggled to stand and her mumbling continued. She was placed under arrest and was found to illegally possess Zolpidem, Oxycodone, Oxycotin, Alaprzolam and Belviq (all narcotics). A clear plastic bag of alleged marijuana was retrieved from the center console of the auto. The passenger continued to whisper to himself and was arrested for possession of the alleged marijuana.

1: Ms. Sharde S. Boyd-30 (Driver), Gregory Lane, Franklin Park, NJ
Charges: DWI/Drugs Possession of Dangerous drugs, Possession with intent to distribute.

2: Mr. Verner A. Williams Jr.-33 (Passenger), Edgar Ave. South Plainfield, N.J.
Charges: Possession of Marijuana