Port Authority Police Arrest Motorcyclist With retractable License Plate

51-year-old Henry H Pogue from Roselle NJ arrested after hiding plates with an electric cover to avoid EZ-Pass toll charge.

At about 4: 15  pm on July 10th, 2016, Port Authority Police near the Holland  Tunnel in Jersey City saw the suspect riding a 2010 Victory motorcycle through a EZ pass l only lane. As the suspects motorcycle passed through Port Authority Police saw the license plate of the vehicle retracted under the motorcycle so that the plate could not be read. Port Authority police approached the suspect and saw the suspect activate a toggle switch and the license plate began to unfold from underneath the motorcycle. The suspect admitted he had not payed the toll and had no EZ pass even though he passed through an EZ Pass only lane. In a pouch on the motorcycle was a metal smoking pipe and with suspected marijuana residue and a small container of  suspected marijuana.

The suspect was arrested. He is due in Jersey City Municipal Court on 7/26/2016.

Charges: Theft of Service

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Unclear plates, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance in a Motor vehicle