Port Authority Police Arrest Motorist Owing Over $16,000.00

papdtollarrest copy

At about 5:30 a.m. Port Authority Police attempted to stop the suspect after it was learned her EZ Pass account owed over $16,000.00. She was seen traveling east in a 2007 Toyota SUV  and Port Authority Police signaled and verbally instructed the suspect stop. The suspect looked at the uniformed officer and continued east, ignoring the officer’s instructions.  She was pulled over by another uniformed Port Authority officer near the Holland Tunnel entrance. It was confirmed the suspect passed through the toll without paying. The suspect’s vehicle had failed to pay EZ Pass tolls at Port Authority crossings over 500 times with a total amount owed of $16,606.00. She is due back in jersey City Court on 7/19.

Arrested: Ms. Denise Simien-55,Verona, NJ
Charges: Theft of Services, Obstruction of Justice.