Port Authority Police Officer Arrests Same Suspect twice within 2 weeks for DWI in Jersey City

jose_guallpa-bravoAt about 4:15 this morning, PAPD Officer Rhett Peppi arrested a suspect for DWI near the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City. PO Peppi had arrested the same suspect on 5/13/2016 for DWI in Jersey City on 1 & 9 near the Holland tunnel.
On 5/27/2016 PO Rhett Peppi was on patrol on Erie Street near the Holland Tunnel. He saw the suspect driving a 2003 Hyundai. The suspect’s car had a defective tail light and was swerving in traffic, crossing over the solid line. The officer followed the suspect as the suspect continued swerving and was pulled over by the officer at 14 Street, outside the Holland Tunnel. The officer interviewed the suspect The suspect volunteered that he had been arrested by PO Peppi 2 weeks ago for DWI and asked PO Peppi for “another chance.” PO Peppi noticed the suspect’s eyes were red and glassy. Sobriety tests were administered and the suspect failed them. He was arrested.

Arrested: Mr Jose Guallpa-Bravo-29, Newark, NJ

Charges: DWI, Reckless driving.