Port Authority Police Rescue Dog at Newark Airport

Photo L to R Zach Steinfeld, Dart and Francisco Romero

At about 8:05 a.m. today at Newark airport, Port Authority police responded to a report of a loose dog that had reportedly escaped from the United Airlines Pet Safe at Terminal C.  The pet named ‘Dart’ is a male adult Colie being transported to Asia with his owner. Dart had made his way through traffic and several parking lots from terminal C to a rental car lot located adjacent to a gas station on Brewster Rd and Lindbergh Rd. The pet then ran into a flooded marsh area and was stuck in mud and unable to walk or run out of the ditch. Port Authority Police brought a row boat and animal snare to the area and rowed about 50 yards to Dart’s side. P.O Steinfeld wrapped the snare around Dart and maneuvered the pet into the rowboat. Dart was cleaned and reunited with his owner. Dart was not injured in the 45 minute  episode. There was no disruption to travel.