Potential new gun owners in New Jersey face hurdles as the gun control debate continues. NJ Assemblywoman Jimenez sat down with Hudson County TV and addressed ongoing questions concerning legislation she recently introduced in Trenton to address potential new gun ownership.


  1. Police inspection of the premises of where the firearm will be stored in order to buy a gun…. !?This lady can go sit on Pauly D’s spikey hair

  2. Took me 4 months to get my FID and a permit, had applied in mid September just got it a few days ago & I am from NW NJ here they don’t have extra paperwork and still it took so long.

  3. Police inspection of home? Can’t just tell them where you’ll be keeping it? re they going to require the purchase of a safe? Lockable drawer? What is the acceptable place to keep the weapon? Does this lady have something against the right to privacy?You can’t regulate and micro manage every little thing or aspect. If the person is mentally fit, you have to just figure this mentally fit person is mentally fit enough to keep it in a safe place.What if there are no kids in the house?

  4. Wow, four months. That was before Sandy Hook. Imagine what that wait time is going to be now. It took me a little more than a month, but this was years ago.

  5. The young man did not get the guns from a store. If I’m correct I believe he killed his mother (the owner of the guns) and took them. So to avoid what happened in Connecticut, my children, all family members, friends, and anyone who knows where I live will have to have a mental health evaluation. Where’s the sense in this.

  6. How this Jimenez ever get elected she does not know what she talking about just look at her the way she talks police inspecting my home what is next she probably comes from a commie country & this is what we have in the assembly getting paid give me a break another IDIOT

  7. Your goals are clear and its not public safety.., Its to make it as difficult and costly as possible to be a gun owner in the state of NJ. I don’t understand why you want to punish responsible legal gun owners!

    • With hateful comments and name calling the assemblywoman kind of proves her point. Sick people shouldn’t have guns. It was written that the mother of the conn killer didn’t lock her guns and knowing her son had mental problems thus the home check. This check and psychologic evaluation are for new gun purchases. The assemblywoman isnt banning gun ownership or banning guns, just safeguards.

      • “Sick people shudn’t have guns…”
        But they shud get their medical marijuana, Gov Christie!
        Q: UCS, is this a neo-plasm or an oxy-moron?

  8. This woman is beyond dumb. Potential gun owners in NJ are now assumed crazy until they prove otherwise? They don’t live in a home fit for gun ownership until they allow an ILLEGAL search of their home? This is absurd and will do nothing to curb gun violence in the state. You want to end gun violence? Do something about the poverty and gang crime in our urban areas. Stop treating law abiding citizens like psychos and criminals just because we want a .22 bolt action for target shooting.

  9. How idiotic can these people be. There making it nearly impossible to own a gun. People of NJ we need to start standing up to these people

  10. Sounds like a very well thought out plan. I’m in the process of getting an attorney due to the fact my local PD has been sitting on all my current paperwork for a FFL card. First it was misplaced, then they lost my reference letters. After going there weekly i guess they got tired of me bugging them. State law says they have 30 days. apparently criminals aren’t the only ones who don’t follow the law. I cant imagine how long it will take if I had to schedule an inspection.

  11. Wow i cant believe these politicians. Why do we let these people dictate what we can and cant do? We need to step it up

  12. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  13. Looks like it’s time for this so called career politician to find a new job. Time to oust all these anti-gun jerks in NJ. This state is falling apart from these @ss holes. Camden is number one in the country for crime. I don’t see them stepping up in that city at all. It’s spreading too, many gangs in NJ. Time to tell our politicians who they work for and who they are supposed to represent. Come time to vote, vote any and all anti-gun libtards out of a job.

  14. Gun ownership aside NJ is failing apart economically and logistically with growing numbers of people in NJ leaving for economic reasons and property tax reasons. It makes people wonder if living in NJ is worth it anymore. Housing prices have fallen somewhat but property taxes keep rising…


  16. This woman is off her rocker… You want the state police to come inspect my house ??? Your outta your mind… Noone is stepping foot inside my house unless I want them too.

  17. So wait I have to pay out of my own pocket to get an evaluation so I can exercise one of my rights? Hmmm…why cant we have voter ID cards again?

  18. How about mental health screening to run for office in NJ? Let’s see… if I go to a mental health professional will that mean I am crazy and will not be allowed to own a firearm? ‘Catch 22’ revisited!?

  19. Still waiting on my permits to go hunting, between this kind of shit and the price of tags anyone who had to “live off the land” would be in debt -____- I’m tired of these dumbasses and their “I think this, I think that” it’s as if they don’t understand that they are public servants who have no right to impose their beliefs on us. Ohh well, vote vote vote people

  20. She’s not against gun ownership, she’s just against getting a gun to own.
    Poor attempt at manipulating the gun owning public, and this bill will