Union City and West New York are without power…

Union City is out of power since 7:15 p.m. Wednesday night.  Its neighboring city, West New York is experiencing a black out too.

Weehawken residents’ power came back on at 8:30 p.m. according to police officials.

Both cities are without electricity.  According to Union City police officials, PSEG is on the scene currently and are waiting for an update from PSEG.

About 10,000 PSEG customers are without power according to officials.

Earlier in the day, a transformer fire happened in Jersey City at Tonelle Avenue and Carson Avenue.  The transformer fire caused power outages in West New York but some parts of the city still have power.

As soon as PSEG, has an update, police officials will update their website at

West New York is in a blackout too according to police officials.  There is no further information from police as the situation is looking to be corrected and fixed by PSEG.

No advisories have been issued.  However, in situations in a black out, stay inside and have cell phones ready.  If you see something, call authorities.


  1. Your news desk should check out PSEG website… there was 21,000 customers in the dark.. Union City had 12,000+ alone. The blackout was also in parts of North Bergen. Many people called me and I advised them to 1. switch their phones to low battery mode, 2. do not open refrigerator to maintain the cold and keep the food from spoiling 3. open their windows… it really was hot in my apartment. Hope people think of these helpful tips.