Press Release: Einstein for Hoboken City Council Launches Website

Hoboken, July 26 – Einstein for Hoboken launched the City Council campaign website of Joshua Einstein today at Einstein, the only council candidate unaligned and independent from any local political faction has not run away but rather embraced his Republican Party affiliation on the site and lays out an in-depth analysis of the issues facing Hoboken. According to Einstein “we launched a website that dives right into the policy challenges, both those that have been ignored by City Hall and those created by them.” He continued “most political campaigns address the public as children by boiling down issues into platitudinous nonsense that says nothing, but I believe in treating the people of Hoboken as the intelligent adults they are, which is why on the website and in the articles we have had published, we delve deep into the actual issues in both analysis and proposed solutions.”

Einstein believes many people are looking for a political maverick willing to think outside of the box with fresh ideas. He stated, “Hoboken has a bright future, but only if we avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. We must address the problems that have been ignored for far too long and end the adversarial relationship City Hall has so many in our community. We need to chart a new course of a collaborative, commonsense, and solutions based relationship that will benefit residents.”

The website, which includes a separate donation page, includes short descriptions and links to many of the articles and local news coverage of the campaign, a bio of the candidate, and a long form break down of the challenges and opportunities facing the city. “The people of Hoboken deserve real solutions to the rental stock shortage, the parking crisis, over taxation and bonding, regular flooding, and a small business climate that results in empty store fronts,” Einstein stated.

He continued “I welcome everyone who is concerned about the future of our amazing city and who is upset with the do-nothing status quo to join our campaign. It’s time Hoboken had an independent voice on the city council that will stand up for them.”