Press Release: Mayor Fulop and Councilman Rivera to Introduce Ordinance to Strengthen Quality of Life Enforcement Capabilities through DPW


JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop and Coucilman-At-Large Daniel Rivera are introducing an ordinance that will provide the Department of Public Works, specifically the Division of Neighborhood Improvement, with increased enforcement abilities for quality of life concerns citywide.

The measure, which will be introduced by the City Council next week, will expand the ability of Division of Neighborhood Improvement inspectors to issue summons for quality of life violations such sidewalk cleaning, solid waste storage, collection and disposal, snow and ice removal, and graffiti.

“We brought back the Neighborhood Improvement Division and are giving those inspectors the ability to enforce quality of life complaints citywide as we know how important this is for our residents,” said Mayor Fulop.  “Clean streets is something we have made a priority, whether adding inspectors, working with community groups or launching the Stop the Drop program, we are continually looking at how we can increase the ways in which we improve the quality of life for all residents.”

Since taking office, the Fulop administration has made quality of life concens and clean streets a focus.  One of the first programs the administration launched was the “Stop the Drop” program, which employs several hundred city youth each year to help clean up litter across the city and which has been a tremendous success. Further, the city, in partnership with Keep Jersey City Beautiful, will hold a second annual citywide cleanup effort, the Great Jersey City Cleanup, on April 29th.  Last year, this effort saw over 1,000 volunteers remove 14 tons of litter, one ton of e-waste and 780 pounds of recyclables.

Councilman at Large Daniel Rivera, the main sponsor of this initiative, saw an opportunity to move the city forward with this new arm of enforcement. “This division and these inspectors are crucial to the overall well being of Jersey City residents and now they will have full enforcement ability,” Councilman Rivera explained.  “We want them to both enforce the municipal code but also work with residents and business owners so they understand the ordinances and work together with the city to keep our neighborhoods clean.”

The measure will be introduced at the City Council meeting on April 26th and if passed, will be eligible for final passage at the May 10th meeting.