Press Release: National and Statewide Coalitions call on Gov Christie and NJ Legislator to appoint Julio Morejon as Hudson County Prosecutor


Hudson County — On January 22, 2015, The Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders passed a unanimous resolution urging Governor Chris Christie to nominate a Hudson County Prosecutor.

As of today Hudson County has been without a Prosecutor since June 30, 2012.

Statewide and National Latino Law enforcement and non-law enforcement organizations along with allies throughout New Jersey have begun to mobilize a campaign requesting Governor Christie and the New Jersey Legislature to take immediate action to appoint former Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey and lifelong Hudson County resident Julio C. Morejon, Esq. as Hudson County Prosecutor.

Mr. Morejon would be the first Latino to serve as Hudson County Prosecutor, which has largest number of Latinos in the State. Mr. Morejon does not stand alone as he has the support of numerous local, statewide and national law enforcement organizations representing over 50,000 members in the State of New Jersey.
For the past two years, various law enforcement organizations have rallied specifically in support of Mr. Morejon for Hudson County Prosecutor. “The New Jersey Police Community Affairs Officers Association enthusiastically supports its own member, Julio Morejon, to serve as the Hudson County Prosecutor. Mr. Morejon is independent and has a vision for a community policing strategy to reduce crime,” said Association President William Schievella. Antonio Hernandez, spokesperson for the Coalition and President of the National Coalition of Latino Officers notes, “As crime continues to trend up and trial statistics become more problematic, it is important now more than ever that Mr. Morejon be nominated to this position.”

Antonio Hernandez further stated, “We are urging Senator Sacco, Senator Cunningham as well as Senator Stack to follow through on their fiduciary responsibility by collectively supporting Mr. Morejon’s nomination. Senatorial Courtesy should be used to facilitate immediate consent on this highly qualified candidate to best serve Hudson County.”

Hudson County is home to the largest number of Latinos in the State. The Governor’s Office called upon Mr. Morejon to be officially vetted as Hudson County Prosecutor March 2013. He was also vetted by the New Jersey State Bar Association June 2013 and the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey April 2013. Going through these very important steps has deemed Julio “more than qualified” for the position of Hudson County Prosecutor and our coalition along with the National Coalition of Latino Officers believe the time is now.



Mr. Morejon is a former Municipal Court Judge, and has been a Municipal Prosecutor in not one, but four municipalities including North Bergen where he currently serves as Public Defender, Union City, Bloomfield and West New York. Additionally, Mr. Morejon is a graduate of one of the prestigious Ivy League schools, Cornell University.
The Coalition has launched a social media campaign in support of Mr. Morejon that includes Facebook, Twitter as well as attending various community meetings throughout Hudson County speaking on the urgency of Governor Christie and the Hudson County Senate delegation on making this appointment.


National Coalition of Latino Officers
The National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement Newark Chapter
The NJ Police Community Affairs Officers Association
Surge the
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Northern NJ Chapter National Asian Peace Officers Association
Italian American Police Society of New Jersey
National Council of Columbia Associations in Civil Service
Utility Workers Union of America
National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders
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