A State of Emergency Has Been Issued for NJ

A State of Emergency was issued this morning for New Jersey, as the state prepares itself for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, still on track to make landfall Monday. The storm is expected to produce strong winds, heavy rains and a strong storm surge.

This storm should be taken very seriously and it is not too early to start preparing.

In anticipation of the impending storm it is advised that aging residents and individuals with disabilities and their families finalize their emergency preparedness plans in advance of Hurricane Sandy’s expected landfall on Monday.

We are recommending that our residents do the following:

  1. Relocate to higher grounds. If you cannot relocate to higher ground, please ensure that you have enough basic necessities, such as food, water, flashlights, batteries, to sustain yourself in the event we experience flooding or significant power outages.
  2. During the storm, please draw blinds and or shades and stay away from glass doors and windows.
  3. Please secure any loose items from balconies and outside of your residence such as trash receptacles, or anything else that would otherwise cause a safety hazard should strong winds blow it away.
  4. Please move all vehicles to higher ground. Vehicles may be parked on any residential street or in the municipal lots located at 54th and Park Ave, and 66th Park Avenue, 59th Madison Street, or 62nd Van Buren Place.

Click on link to view resources available for our most vulnerable residents:



Important Contact Information

West New York Office of Emergency Management 201-295-5000

NJ Counties Emergency Management Contacts:
NJ 2-1-1 – by I Want This”New Jersey’s

Toll-Free Helpline:
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National Hurricane Center:
National Weather Service Mt. Holly:
NWS NY for NE NJ Counties:
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How To Prepare
NJ Hurricane Safety Page:
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NJ Untilities Company

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Red Cross Shelter Info
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Mayor Felix Roque and the Board of Commissioners of West New York