Over 23000 residents in the 33rd  Legislative District, which consists of Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City, and part of Jersey City, voted in the Democratic primary election for New Jersey state Assembly candidates. Carmelo Garcia, director of Hoboken Housing Authority, was elected to the Democratic ticket in a landslide victory, 10 to one.  Raj Mukherji, Jersey City Deputy Mayor, is also on the ticket and won the primary Democratic election for a seat in the state Assembly as well.  Both winners discussed their future plans for the November election along with their aspirations for the residents in the 33rd Legislative District. The two candidates celebrated their victories at Scotland Yard in Hoboken. Garcia and Mukherji are the running mates to Brian P. Stack, state Senator and Union City Mayor, who is seeking reelection to the state Senate.


  1. I hope you both Mr Garcia & Mr Mukherji ”NEVER” forget Mayor Stack who helped you both get were you are..
    The only 2 my wife & 6 others voted for we always go to the polls together” as a team were on the same page now lets get to work..