Public portion of Hoboken meeting gets nasty

Public portion of Hoboken meeting gets nasty in last session before election. One speaker is escorted out by police after refusing to sit down after his five minutes to speak were up.


  1. Perry Belfore and David Lievler are disgusting people. They make elections toxic and drive good people away from public office.

  2. “As Peter took the oath of office, I had this sinking feeling that i didn’t have a Plan B,” said Hoboken native Perry Belfiore. “For a while now I’ve felt that I was about to surrender to someone who was not born and raised. That turned out to be Peter. I felt comfortable. But now it’s a South African situation where the disorganized majority will be ruled by an organized minority.”


    Perry Plan B has been a pox on Hoboken politics for years. He has also posted about how he “goes on safari” into the HHA to get VBM. He wears his racism on his sleeve, and his attacks against Mr. Bhalla are not even thinly disguised.