Rafi Córdova for Housing Justice in Hoboken’s 1st Ward Council Race

Rafi Córdova Housing Justice Platform
Rafi Córdova Housing Justice Platform

Rafi Córdova Advocates for Housing Justice in Hoboken’s 1st Ward Council Race

Hoboken, NJ – Rafi Córdova, a notable candidate for the City Council in Hoboken’s 1st Ward, has unveiled an extensive housing justice platform. This initiative aims to reinforce and enhance laws that advocate for equity, accessibility, and predictability in housing.

Drawing from his experience as Chair of the Hoboken Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board, Córdova expressed his insights into the current tenant protection measures in Hoboken. He stated, “In my role… I have personally seen what is and what isn’t working in Hoboken’s existing tenant protections.” He pledges to set tangible legislative goals to foster housing justice through enhanced tenant protections if elected as the City Council representative.

Córdova’s platform emphasizes housing justice for all, from the most vulnerable to the most privileged. He is particularly passionate about assisting vulnerable neighbors, including those facing homelessness, mental illness, or disabilities, as well as seniors. However, he also recognizes the need to protect all residents from exploitation, illegal evictions, and unforeseen housing cost hikes.

The platform addresses the needs of both landlords and renters. Córdova acknowledges that while corporate landlords own a significant portion of Hoboken’s housing, many residents are also landlords. He commits to assisting landlords in understanding municipal regulations and ensuring they operate their businesses efficiently. On the other hand, with renters constituting 65% of Hoboken’s population, Córdova, a long-term renter himself, recognizes the vulnerabilities they face. He supports strengthening tenant protections, preventing unreasonable rent hikes, and enhancing Hoboken’s rent control laws.

Furthermore, Córdova proposes specific measures such as exempting small landlords from unfair taxation, defining legal and illegal rent increases, and increasing affordable housing set-aside requirements. He also supports the creation of new senior-only housing in Hoboken and the establishment of Community Land Trusts (CLTs) to extend affordable homeownership.

Addressing the issue of property tear-downs, Córdova aims to amend land use laws to consider the potential negative impact on the public when variances are requested for rent-controlled properties.

Rafi Córdova’s comprehensive housing justice platform showcases his dedication to ensuring that all Hoboken residents have a stable and affordable place to call home.

For more information on Rafi Córdova and his campaign, visit Rob Horowitz Associates, Inc. or contact Rob Horowitz at 401-632-0686.