Assemblyman Ramos will not be seeking reelection to his seat in the legislature..

(HOBOKEN) – Today, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr. (D-33) endorsed a full slate of candidates for the Senate and Assembly seats in the 33rd Legislative District. See statement below:

“I am proud to announce my support of Senator Brian Stack for reelection to the New Jersey Senate, and for the election of Carmelo Garcia and Raj Mukherji to the Assembly to represent the 33rd District. These three individuals make up a diverse and capable slate of candidates that will represent the District with competence and enthusiasm.

I am especially proud that another resident of and advocate for Hoboken’s 4th Ward, Carmelo Garcia, will be running for one of the open Assembly seats in this legislative district. As Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority, Carmelo has ample experience working with local residents and officials to achieve positive, lasting change. As an Assemblyman, he will surely do the same for the residents of the district.

I look forward together with this slate to make sure that Hoboken continues to have its needs addressed in Trenton going into the future.”

Assemblyman Ramos has decided not to run for reelection in the Assembly, choosing instead to run for Mayor of Hoboken. The Legislative primary election for Assembly and Senate will take place in June, with a general election in November.

Assemblyman Ramos represents the 33rd Legislative District, which includes Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken, and parts of Jersey City.


  1. We live in Union City there is no way in hell we would vote for this pupit were do they get these wannabe mayors the only thing Ramos does is SPEND SPEND & MORE TAXES that is all we need he not a leader he is a follower….

  2. Ramos got some nerve he supports Stack who is he B-Sing I am sure Stack does not support him another snake in the grass go back & crawl under that rock you came from you will NEVER be the mayor