Read Across America Comes to West New York. Read Across America was celebrated on Monday March 9, 2014 in West New York, New Jersey. Children in kindergarten through second grade, in all of the town’s public schools were involved in this heartwarming event. The kindergarteners in school number one were all wearing “Cat in the Hat” paper hats while they listened to classic stories written by Dr. Seuss. 


  1. Perhaps as Wordsworth said:”child IS father of the man.” May our children take a well written page from Dr. Seuss, that when the Grinch Governing Body misappropriates our town treasure meant for our children, but gives it to waterfront and other developers in the form of tax abatements that rob school children by paying no school taxes;when the Grinch Governing Body gives town treasure to relatives of the NJ Assembly Speaker/HCDO Chairmen, prompting him to endorse the Mayor’s hand picked crony Commissioner whose husband was given Town job and said Commissioner is used by Mayor to try and unseat a sitting Freeholder who dared to fight back when the Mayor’s son hacked into, when the Mayor insists a sitting Commissioner be given a board of education position he is not qualified for; when that Mayor appoints same Commissioner to represent our on the regional fire dept. executive board after a suspicious fire at his residence, let us all learn from them that the robbing from them of material treasure will some how not rob them of their God-given ability to rise above the corruption that the adults who purport to have their best interests, sometimes involve themselves. If our Governing Body Grinches cannot see the error of their ways, than may our own sense of Justice propel us to act in concert to restore dignity, justice, and truth back to our beloved Town of West New York.

  2. Patrick, as a supporter of you I sincerely hope that if you are ever elected to serve our children that you do not let personal feeling come in the way. This is clearly a non political event that does not need the same political talking points that other videos deserve.

    • Vivian,
      I appreciate your support. To paraphrase Voltaire, though I disagree with your sentiments, I will defend your right to say them with my dying breath. In no way, shape, or form, am I trying to take away from the good will offered by the presenters of the immortal words of Dr. Seuss, nor stain the celebration of his legacy recently held at one of our WNY Schools. Rather, I am paying homage to Theodore Geisel, who, as Dr. Seuss stood up against injustice, whether it was from the prejudicial thinking of the mob in Horton Hears a Who who would rather “Boil that dust spec!” than come to terms that their narrow way of thinking about their environment was wrong. In an age of climate change deniers, The Lorax was spot on in drawing attention to, and standing up for(even if it was unpopular) our environment. No, Vivian. I’ll not stop learning from Dr. Seuss, nor will I shirk the callings of my inner Horton to stand up and defend my town from an administration that is stealing its treasure.