Recently released inmate pleads for Freeholders to help him find a job. A recently released inmate from the Hudson County Correctional Center in Kearny asked the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders on Thursday if they could help him start over and find work.


  1. How could this be? I thought Jim McGreevey was running a second chance program that was going to be a national model? Ohhh I forgot, the Jersey City second chance program is only for disgraced public officials. BTW – great job by the drug courts, looks like Drug War 2.0 is working great.

  2. This issue of a man who has paid his debt to.society and is doing the right thing by seeking a job to lift himself up shows why the vital role of County Freeholder is necessary. By providing a legislative oversight to the County incarceration system and how well it addresses education, rehabilitation,job training and employment placement outreach, this august body is demonstrating a shining example of the noble design, function, and scope of county government. Next stop: a full throttle investigation on how sweetheart property tax abatement deals between municipalities like wny, jersey city, and hoboken, have robbed school districts and The County of tax revenue and unfairly redirected that burdon to non abated property owners directly, and by extension, their hard working renters. Google “A Programmatic Examination of Municipal Tax Abatements by former NJ Comptroller Matthew Boxer” See also “All That Glitters Isn’t Gold” where Jersey City was sued by 3 other county towns over tax abatements. The County shiuld start suing the appropriate bodies to get back tax revenue it is being denied by these payments in lieu of taxes.

    • Patrick – I support your opposition to tax abatements, but what you wrote is simply false. The hard working renters don’t foot the bill because of rent control. That’s why Jersey City and Hoboken has had so many rental properties converted into condos over the last two decades.

      For example – taxes in JC went up over 85% within the last decade, but due to Jersey City’s rent control laws landlords were unable to pass the tax increases on to tenants. To make profits, or simply not lose money, many former rent-controlled buildings in Downtown, and now Journal Square and other parts of the city, have been converted into condos. Other landlords, commonly known as slumlords, will often refuse to make repairs for units in the most deplorable of conditions knowing they will lose money. In addition, the majority of new rentable units in the housing market are luxury rentals, which are unaffordable for the majority of people. There’s no such thing as middle-class housing development because the law guarantees it’s a long-term loser.

      • Hudson Hawk,
        Thank you for your comments. When I refer to non abated property owners and their renters, I was not referring to rent controlled units. Yes, I am very much aware that owners of rent controlled units cannit be expected to have to shoulder the unfair burdon created by giving rich property owners tax abatements, as their tennants rent increases are necessarily dictated by statute, code, and rent Board actions. I was refering to the hard working renters of NON rent control, Non tax abated properties.The fact that so much of a given town’s ratable stock is either tax exempt, as with religious buildings, schools,etc.; ir rent controlled, that means that municipalities need to be extremely parsimonious in granting tax abatements because only the non exempt and non rent control will have to shoulder paying TO the school district and county the taxes that by virtue of thetax abatement has taken from these less-well-off property owners AND THEIR RENTERS(with the exceptions I have clarified here) and given to the well-off, a Robin Hood in Reverse, if you will.

  3. Who does this he think he is if every Tom Dick & Harry went there to the Freeholders meeting for them 2 get them a job there are jobs out there he just another one looking for a free hand out 1st he had a choice not 2 go to jail in the 1st place but what he did wrong as GET CAUGHT…

    They all have a game to play it’s called ”MILKING THE SYSTEM”’

    • Hello Judy,
      Could you please explain to me, how networking, or askibg for a job is asking for a handout? You are aware that this man paid his debt to society, right. “…Forgive us, our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us…” Do those words mean anything to you?”They all have a game to play, its called milking the system.” Who are the ‘they’ that you refer to, Judy?

    • Judy – Apparently you are ignorant to the facts as your ignorance precedes you as you make a judgment call on this man. Apparently you did not hear him say that he has first put in resumes for jobs and also that McDonalds would not hire him. As a black woman with 5 degrees (Ph.D in Philosophy being my highest achievement)….I have worked with citizens such as the man who pleads his cause; proving he WANTS TO WORK!! ….INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW WHO ARE YOU REFERRING TO WHEN YOU STATED ‘THEY ALL HAVE A GAME TO PLAY?” HMMMM…SOUNDS LIKE PURE IGNORANCE TO ME…