Religious factions in West New York debate the significance of “Virgin Mary Tree.” Tensions rose as one faction said the tree had no religious signifcance in front of the tree on bergenline ave between 60th and 61st streets (video shared via Facebook).


    • Hi speaknj,
      Just so you know the gist of it, the men in purple are there to insult and offend the Virgin Mary and those of us who love Her. At one point, the tall black man refers to the Virgin of Guadalupe as “garbage.” This will show to everyone that THEY are the ones who are garbage; that they have no tolerance for other people’s beliefs nor love for the Son of this woman whom they are so deeply offending.

  1. I am a very devout Catholic and I am very devout of the Blessed Mother. However, I do not think there is a reason at this moment to believe the impression on that tree is truly of the Virgin Mary, especially when the Church has not pronounced itself about it. Actually, I heard a priest talk about it in church last year and he said not to believe in it, that if we wanted to honor Our Blessed Mother we could come to Church where Her Son is. In any case, those who believe in this tree have the right to do so and have the right to not be harassed like they are clearly being harassed in this video.
    The men in purple are clearly against the Blessed Mother in general, deeply despise her and I just cannot understand how they can claim to love Her Son (as I suppose they will.)
    Whatever their beliefs, there is just no need for them to be there purposely to offend and insult the Blessed Mother and those who love Her.