Report: Dominican Prosecutors Say ‘The Daily Caller’ Manufactured Menendez Prostitution Scandal

U. S. Senator Bob Menendez had his whole prostitution scandal set up by conservative website “The Daily Caller,” according to a report by The Star Ledger. However, The Daily Caller is adamantly disputing the claim.

Police from the Dominican Republic said on Friday that an attorney associated three women who initially claimed they had sex with Menendez, recently recanting the claim, said the political website paid him to set Menendez up.

The  Star Ledger article states that Jose Polanco, the head of the Dominican national police, told the Associated Press that local attorney Melanio Figueroa was promised $5,000 by a man named “Carlos” to find prostitutes.

Figueroa also added that he was only paid $2,000 after he lived up to his end of the deal.

TDC immediately updated their website on Friday to deny any of the claims put forth.

“At no point did any money change hands between the Daily Caller and any sources or individuals connected with this investigation, nor did anyone named Carlos travel to the Dominican Republic on behalf of The Daily Caller,” the website said.

“As recently as two weeks ago, Figueroa was on record with another news outlet as saying the women he represented were telling the truth about their initial allegations against Senator Menendez.”

Furthermore, Tucker Carlson, the man who runs The Daily Caller, scoffed at the notion anyone on his staff was involved with orchestrating with Menendez scandal.

“It seems clear to me Figueroa is under pressure to change his story. What I know for certain is this claim is a lie. The Daily Caller never paid anyone, was never asked to pay anyone and of course never would pay anyone for this story,” Carlson said firmly.

Paul Brubaker, a spokesman for Menendez, said the latest news update on this story shows that the allegations were false from the beginning.

“Dominican authorities continue to investigate who paid to orchestrate those lies, and based on the evidence they have already unearthed, we hope the appropriate U.S. authorities will join them,” Brubaker stated.

“Someone funded this smear campaign, which ABC has reported was peddled by Republican operatives, and given that some involved may have made false statements to a federal law enforcement agency, it should be investigated fully.”

The Daily Caller was the first website to report in November that Menendez allegedly flew to the Dominican Republic on the private jet of major contributor Salomon Melgen on several occasions, where he would have sex with prostitutes at Melgen’s mansion.


  1. Everyone know that Menendez paid these Dominican officals off maybe Menendez promised these girls citizenship to the U-S he would do anything to save his ass.
    He loves power but they will get him in Fla were he has no control not like here in NJ you will see mark my words.
    The goverment as plenty of X plenty of $$ & the BEST accountants & lawyers money can buy…They got MUSTO or did you forget Bob?