An escort who claims Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) paid her for sex has now went back on her claim, stating the she was paid to make up the story. The Washington Post reported the news Tuesday evening.

According to the report, the woman states that a local lawyer approached her and another escort to help frame Menendez and and Dr. Salomon Melgen, whose office is in Florida and owns a mansion in the Dominican Republic.

Melgen was the target of an FBI investigation in January, getting his office raided as federal officials looked into possible Medicare fraud.

The article also states that The Washington Post has obtained affidavits to back up the escort’s claims. Additionally, the first lawyer has identified a second lawyer who paid the escort to read the false claims on camera, with the first lawyer claiming he did not know about this interaction.

FBI agents have also been investigating claims that Menendez had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, though they have not found any facts to back up these claims, the article states.

While the matter appears to be reaching a conclusion, the former Union City mayor is still under review for by the Senate Ethics Committee for taking two free flights on Melgen’s private jet in 2010, though Melgen was recently paid for both flights.


  1. I think the real purpose of the sex story was just to get our attention…
    His relationship w/Dr Melgen is the real “beef” in this story…

  2. She was paid to recant her story, lest she face the wrath of highly placed officials in the DR.

    Cover-ups are nothing new in this part of the world.

  3. Menendez is as dirty as they come there not after the girls there after the $500.000.000 & the fat friend that will sing like a caged bird he will get the same taste of what he did to Musto what goes around comes around

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