The parent of a girl who is allegedly a prostitute who slept with US Senator Bob Menendez have wrote off the accusation as absurd, according to the Dominican Republic-based news site

“We do not know how they published a photo of my daughter, who barely leaves the house and has never been to Country House,” said Altagracia Pujols, the mother of Yaneisis Fernandez, 20, who lives in Matanzas, Bani. Fernandez is one of the three women named as prostitutes who allegedly met Menendez at  a villa at Casa de Campo, La Romana, the report states.

Fernandez is the only one who would have been under the legal consent age of 18 at the time, the website reports.

Pujols told that her daughter is a virgin and plans to get married in two months, which is why there is no way the allegations could be true.

“We are not seeking, nor plotting against a poor and humble family, I’ve never gone to (Dr. Saloman Melgen’s) House and I have never even seen Senator Menendez  on television until I saw a report about this situation by Univision.”

Melgen had his Florida doctor’s office raided by the FBI last week and allegedly owned the mansion in the Dominican Republic where Menendez is said to have met up with prostitutes, according to various media reports which were published last week.

Univision, who initially broke the story, can have their report viewed here:

The Miami Herald, who broke the story of the FBI raiding Melgen’s office, disputes the Univision report by stating that they either ran “a bombshell of a scoop … or … the height of irresponsible reporting.”


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