Report: Union City Mayor Brian Stack Gives Troy Towers Residents Free Rides to Hoboken Path.
Locals that live in other parts of the city state they have never been offered the service.


  1. I love to get my rides for free, sometimes is too cold outside and we hate waiting for njtransit in this freezing weather. Everyone needs to know that Brian is a good mayor and he cares about us too, we pay more taxes than the rest of union city and we deserve more services than anyone else.

    • People like you are the reason why this country has gone down the drain. You are not the only ones who pay high taxes. What about the other areas? That’s just outrageous.

    • you must be one of the people that get free eavrything from brian you cant be that dumb to say that in live at t.t.

  2. Everyone needs to know Brian is not a good mayor! You’re one of his many “followers” ucrichman!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so wrong and Brian knows it. He is busted!! That van is to be used for Seniors Citizen transport not for a shuttle to the PATH. If you feel you pay too mush property tax than how can you explain your statement saying Brian is a good mayor?? If he is so good your property taxes would not be so high!

  3. All residents of Union City if you need a ride, as Mayor Stack is
    quoted just call him!!

    His Cell is 201-376-1942

  4. Brian is the best Mayor ever… He is always taking care of every person in our town. Stop making difference between people with money and without money. If you need a free ride I’m pretty sure he can pick you up for his self.

    Need a ride call Brian or let him know you need this service. If he is not at the City hall, you can find him walking around in the town.


  5. This is ridiculous.Our city is a gem because of all that we offer. Free baby sitting to all teen moms, free food drives to all residents and special meals nd services for the poor and senior citizens. Leave Union City alone!!

    • helping s.c,s is a good thing always thats a no brainer but what bugs me is that u speak like babysitting for teen mothers is a “normal” thing helloo

  6. So May J you believe ucrichman deserves more? Troy Towers are the only “citizens” that “deserve” a ride to the PATH? I give thumps up for the other serves you mentioned. As a retired UC police officer I have heard from reliable people, personally seen and suffered the wrath of BS

  7. OK unless you are a native union city resident dont sit here and talk about what is good for the town troy towers is an exception because thats closer to weeehawken and are not part of the majority let me tell you a little something about brian stack why is it that he does block parties and entertains the community with silly things to keep them happy and doesnt focus on the real issues why does he screw with the police department and those he doesnt like why did he marry a hispanic for the voters to favor him and after a few years of sitting well with the community she becomes his ex why didnt he favor a proposal for safe afetr school activity for kids prior to doric temple being demolished pools and block parties arent everything home owners take over blocks and blocks of parking spaces by over stepping the limit they should be given school lunches are poor threaning uc board of education employees to fire them if they dont vote for him giving jobs to out of towners when we have a high community of college grads who are qualified to work as teachers counselers etc and yet can not get hired he doesnt feed every single poor person for you ignorants we have plenty of homeless hungry people in this town who sturggle and have no public assistance you honestly think that by giving meals on wheels luncheons and turkeys its feed every single poor person what about those who do not get that service or those who live in broke down buildings in town who the mayor doesnt do shit about what about those please stop focusing on his good side based on what he does for you or based on stupid miniscule things he does to keep the majority satisfied based on what they think qualifies him as a good mayor there is plenty of wrong and plenty of good things he does not support including a non profit organization established in union city which educates young men and women which he too was not in favor of get informed and then talk