Reporter alleges Brian Stack threatened to have her fired in tape recorded conversation with Emilio del Valle. A former Cablevision anchor, Sherry Karabin, alleges that Union City Mayor Brian Stack tried to have her fired after running a story where then-Police Chief Charles Everett says Stack ordered him to tender his resignation.


  1. I M going to have to re-think the Ray Mitchell accusations…If Karabin & Henig describe him as being “unstable?” Perhaps????????????? 😉

  2. Stack is a thug good job Emilio (the Sacco Rat) Del Valle this is about the only good thing you ever did. Recording Sherry so everyone can herd for themselves wht a POS Stack is

  3. Sherry Karabin is only the tip of the iceberg. Soon more tapes will be released. We hear Emilio has also recorded Mr. Joe Muniz, Mr. Herb Klitzner, Sheriff Schillari, Mr. Paul Swibinski, Mr. Manny Diaz, Mr. Silvio Acosta, Mayor Roque, and (The King) Mayor Nick Sacco. Mr. Muniz, if you are wondering why Herb’s funds have stopped flowing, the next release of “Emilio’s Recordings” might provide answers. Anyone who would like to speak with Emilio directly about future tape recording releases just call him on his cell at: 201-240-6145. Stay tuned!

  4. Be careful Manny Diaz. We hear Emilio Del Valle has you on tape representing Mayor Roque to squash his testimony during Roque’s trial. Manny even though you were disbarred as an attorney, you are still a talented deal maker. Just one little problem, will a tape of you talking to Emilio be next?

  5. He did not get punched in the face, he got knocked out. One punch and he was on ground out cold like a wet noodle. That guy was not impressed when Brian pulled his ” I am the Mayor shit” Bam And out he went Poorbbrian was crying like a little school girl.

  6. The only one who got knocked out was you joe. Wasn’t it charlie everett who knocked you right out of union city and into retirement? Joe you are nothing more than a little punk who could not get his way. I hate to break the news to you but no one fears you.