Resident Debate Tape Recording Ordinance at Union City Commissioner Meeting

Resident Debate Tape Recording Ordinance at Union City Commissioner Meeting. Several members of the public weighed in on the issue.





To view full meeting click the link below.


  1. Christine Vanek (corporate counsel): It provides reasonable regulations for videotaping. Under case law, um, there is a right to videotape.

    Stack Admirer: I think thats a very bad. Because, i think we waste a lot of time,in the sense of actually taking care of business. And the whole drama, of everything being seen on the internet, is just ridiculous. So, it is nice, to have a little bit, of uh, control over the situtation.

    Translation: Reasonable regulations will not go far enough. We need to disallow videorecording, altogether, because “the whole drama of everything being seen on the internet” is very bad.

    Side Note: Stack appeared uncharacteristically glum, not to mention, nervous.

    Wonder what that’s all about.

  2. Residents why not let these various news outlets film your meetings
    since you are supposedly doing a great job.
    How else can we see Gary Pollack practice his stand-up comedy routines?
    How about it’s freezing outside and at least it keeps us informed
    on what’s happening in town.

    Residents remember it’s your choice!

  3. Esa mujer esta loca, queremos ver que sucede; yo estoy cojo y no puedo ir a las reuniones. Desde mi casa veo todo lo que pasa. Que viva Cuba!

  4. I appreciate the speakers comment that more green space needs to be available for youth and children and their parents once Washington Park in Union City is turned into a big soccer-football-softball field.
    Mayor Stack spoke of the parcel across from the Doric, but the signage there prohibits ballplaying and bicycle use. Clearly not a viable option.
    Mayor Stack spoke of the picnic area near New York Avenue but again county signage prohibits play outside those designated fields for tennis, basketball, and activities inside the swim/playground area. The field that is there now is mostly blue-stone rather than grass.
    And those bushes near the New York Avenue soccer field are yews as Judy, the speaker identified. They are some of the oldest of their kind in Union City. It would add insult to injury to destroy the 80 plus year old trees in Washington Park AND go on to eradicate these old yews.
    Those of us from Jersey City who use the park are deeply disturbed that our children will no longer be able to romp and play in Washington Park once it becomes a place essentially limited only to organized sports. And not all of us are comfortable with off-leash dogs in the park bordering the Doric, especially when our children are there. Not all of those big dogs stay in the dog-run.
    More discussion is necessary.

    A word of appreciation is in order to Hudson County TV. I think charactering,as the lone speaker did, this coverage as “a facade” misses the point. Other municipalities have coverage, such as Jersey City. At times it becomes heated but as has been observed by Mr. Rumsfield, democracy can be messy. Hudson County TV presents more penetrating views, and all viewpoints. So it’s representative.And it can call forth a certain uncomfortableness when persistent questions are asked.