Residents for a Better WNY successfully get elected school board question on November ballot

Residents for a Better WNY successfully get elected school board question on November ballot. Group leader Frank Ferreiro tells HCTV what he plans to do next.


  1. Congatulations, Residents for a better WNY group and your hard effort will
    hopefully pay off !!!

  2. Ha, ha, ha!! You were nervous waiting to have the signatures you submitted approved!! No wonder! I would be too if I knew I had over 200 signatures from non-registered voters, 51 illegible signatures and 60 duplicate signatures. If you are an honest person, why would you resort to this? You said you “verified” the signatures before submitting them. Well, it doesn’t seem you did a good job doing that, does it? It’s not like you were off by two or three signatures.

    Now, like you said, to find some “good leaders to run this town.” Whom might you have in mind, your friend and ally, the one who wants to be Mayor? Ha, ha!!
    For the good of the town, sure!!!

  3. Vilma is funny “Erica” lol. start running for election on the school board vilma – id like to see who in their right mind would vote this hag in.

  4. Frank you are so critical of Roque because he supposedly won’t put up with opposition and yet, are you any different?
    Look what you and your friends are doing to me for being critical of you. This shows your true colors and that you are not different from the one you so much hate.

  5. Patrick and Hudson Resident thank you very much.Erica first of all I dont even know any of the people who just commented,so its not my friends attacking you.You are one of the few left on the Roque ship that is sinking so most people are going to be against you whether I know them or not because everyone is noticing your pro Roque stance and well right now almost 90% of WNY is anti Roque and his whole crew.There is people even sayin that you are Vilma and I’ll give you some advice if you are.Run,resign your multiple jobs because the AGs office is looking at all of Roque and Silvio’s people,do not let yourself get caught up on federal charges because of a few measly dollars and if your not Vilma well you need to open your eyes much wider.erica why do you think that mostly all who supported Roque are now mostly walking around with there heads down in disappointmnet and many of them exposing his lies.Do you really think so many people are wrong and you are right.Sounds crazy huh….Now as far as the signatures go when your collecting signatures on the street,you ask people if they are registered voters of WNY,I had people say yes and sign and write a guttenburg address,I had a guy from Edgewater sign it but you do not know until you watch his address get written down,so there are a few of those,there are a few of people who changed their address so those are invalid because they are still registered to their old address,we have no way of knowing if the person who signed the petition is being truthful or forfot to update their voting address and there are alot of signatures that you just cant make out the name because some people print horribly,I myself asked people to please print so the name can be read and still the handwritting is so bad that you cant read it.Then there are duplicate signatures because different groups go out and it happens and there is also the duplicate signatures of the circulators.That is where all the bad signatures came from and for you to try to imply that we where dishonest with the signatures and implying that we did something wrong like your buddy Roque would do says alot of your character and assumptions when you do not even know what you are talking about.Call carmella Ricci and ask her base your judgements on facts like I do and not on your assumptions.So you see Erica,like I said we verified over 500 signatures and its exactly like I said…Nothing but the truth,I’m not your friend Fidel Roque the lier.Base your insults and assumptions on facts lady….

  6. Oh Erica I didn’t answer the last part of your many assumptions,how rude of me.I dont know who you are referring to as we are not backing any mayor candidate yet and we are not aligned with anyone in particular.There are WNYERS helping us that might run when an election nears and at one point we will back a candidate that we feel has all the right qualities that we believe would make a good leader and the most important quality is that he cannot be a lier…2-Love for the town of WNY from the heart,3-a person about actions not just saying he wants and promises change but one that puts his sweat into it everyday like we do,4-somekind of business experience(after all you are managing 72 Million Dollars),common sense,a sense to help the less fortunate and the poor,a person who can and is willing to dedicate their time to progressing the town.Our expectations are very high but why should we settle for less,I feel strongly that the right leader for WNY will emerge and we will know from what that persons actions are and have been.Not just what they are right before theres an election or everytime they smell blood…NO,NO,NO candidates actions will speak the loudest next WNY election,I promise…By the way you see how i speak to you very frank and truthful,why not be the same,no need to speak indirectly referring to things or persons that you are not making it clear,I hate having to assume remember it makes an ass out of you and me.Try to speak truthful and if you assume something ask straight out no need to beat around the bush.Maybe then youll have some fact to base your opinions on…

  7. Wait I apologize I do know Patrick Collen just realized it,patrick is a very good WNY resident who has given the planning board and zoning boards hell,He is the main one responsible for providing state statues of the boards operating under conflict of interest when Roques sister and son and a few others sat on those boards.

  8. Yes Patrick Cullen for School Board!!! That would be one great Pick for WNY and its Children!!!!!!! Vote next year for Patrick “Pat” Cullen for WNY School Board!!!! (2014)

  9. I believe the WNY BoE are now doing a Document dump! Frank you need to get the Right and non- Corrupt Authorities to act now on the WNY BoE before the election process starts. Their going to start hiding the truth and the thiefs they been doing for decades at the WNY BoE. Hit them on every subject for opra requests. Nothing is off limits also.

    Thank You Mr Frank and your Team for doing the Right thing in WNY. Great Job!!!


  10. Thank you for the advice sire,we started putting opras in and will keep adding more,if there is any particular ones that may come to mind please let me know.Thank you very much…