Rich Boggiano Talks Ward C Development and Defends JCPD Amid Charges of Police Brutality

Rich Boggiano Talks Ward C Development and Defends JCPD Amid Charges of Police Brutality. Independent candidate Richard Boggiano puts current Ward C residents and homeowners first as the Journal Square area faces major redevelopment. He also defends the Jersey City Police Department against accusations of police brutality as the NAACP pushes forward with a lawsuit. 


  1. Richard Boggiano is a breath of fresh air. An honest, career servant that does not tolerate corruption. Good luck Rich!

  2. He doesn’t tolerate corruption but defends official misconduct along with Civil Rights violations?

    Let’s be honest: Police Brutality occurs far too often and in far too many cases, with IA officials doing nothing to contain renegade officers.

    I have the utmost respect for the vast majority of officers that serve with unwavering committment and dignity.

    However, there are some that frequently break protocol and are rarely, if ever, disciplined.

    I don’t buy anything that this guy is selling. He either knows too little, or far too much and is covering up, maintaing the status quo.

  3. Union City Strangler ? Nice name, we’ll take you seriously!

    If you knew anything about JCPD, you would know they have robust IAU which answers to the County Prosecutor and the Attorney General.

    Given the levels of violence directed at them and the citizens they serve, the JCPD has an astoundingly low use of force.

    Self serving activists looking for a cheap headline are always ready to jump on the brutality train. The local chapter of the NAACP should examine their choice of a disgraced politician convicted felon, their president, before casting aspersions on the JCPD.

    Making unfounded counter-complaints is an old defense attorney trick, used when no substance can be found.

    If you’re worried about corruption and brutality, look in your own neighborhood!

  4. Police Brutality – I disagree with Mr. Boggiano – when he says police brutality does not happen in our police department. I wish that was the case, but our legal department has settled cases of inappropriate action by our finest. When community was complaining about not feeling safe and they were being sold on the “Crime Stats” indicating differently, Chief Comey himself said, I need to change the attitude/ mood of my officers.
    At the same time there are many great officers I work with, that have assisted me in situations of injustice; interfering with the Quality of Life of our citizens. A good example is the bar in Academy Street (across from the Apple Tree House, (known to many as Mayor Healy’s 5th Stop). I had been complaining of cars parking on the sidewalk and our school children walking on the street. The next door business belongs to two elderly seniors trying to run their business, calling our police department for years; noise after 3:00am or cars on the sidewalk and nothing being done; one of them battling cancer. It was through the helped of one of our JC officers that I was able to stop the nightmare that these seniors had been experiencing for years. I will never forget how grateful and shocked they were that this situation came to an end. I don’t really think they believe it would ever end.
    I also received a visit by two “Special Investigators” because, I sent an email on complaints received by constituents on another bar in Newark Avenue, affecting the Quality of Life of the people in that area. It seemed to me that the visit was to intimidate me, more than to partner is solving the problem. So don’t tell me there is NO POLICE BRUTALITY. And this is only two examples; I sure wish Rich was right but he is NOT.

  5. Councilwoman, how do define “brutality” ?

    Just because you send an email and get a personal visit (that hardly anyone else will get) doesn’t support any brutality complaint.

    Someone who is upset that their minor noise complaint isn’t handled as fast as they like, has nothing to do with alleged police brutality.

    You according to your petty complaints, don’t have a clue. You got two investigators to respond to your quality of life complaint, and you try to twist it into an “intimidation” visit?

    You are a part of the administration that keeps the PD at its undermanned size, you are part of the administration that allows the scandalous minimum manning per tour, then complain that nuisance complaints aren’t handled fast enough?

    You are part of the administration that took Parking Enforcement away from the PD, created a low cost option of a Parking Authority and then complain when people have parking complaints?

    Time to get over yourself councilwoman. Learn the topic, answer cogently.