Richard Mason reaches a momentous status with the Boy Scouts of America

Richard Mason reaches a momentous status with the Boy Scouts of America. Richard, the husband of Hoboken City Councilwoman Beth Mason, discusses the importance of the Boy Scouts of America and what impact this organization continues to have.


  1. Utter embarrassment endorsing the biggest underwriter of corruption in Hoboken TODAY.

    Next expose should find out how much loot finds its way to the “Uribe society.”


    • Hudson County TV provides really good segments every week and unless you have something credible to back up your nonsense with, do everyone a favor and walk into the nearest intersection in heavy traffic. You’re really courageous making personal attacks here. Why don’t you confront Hudson County TV personally? Oh, I forgot, that would require you possessing a set. Never mind, we will all be waiting a while for that to happen.

  2. Oh I think once this gets around Hoboken a bit, plenty of people will be willing to come and say all kinds of unpleasant untruths about the Mason family and their unholy allegiance with the Russo Crime Syndicate.

    Now answer the bloody question! How much loot is Uribe getting?

  3. – the untruths will anything “nice.” Because don’t the Masons have a real active pattern of suing anyone who speaks out against corruption?!!!


  4. Here’s more on Ricky Mason, the financier of the nationally infamous Nazi Truck. Hey, is he also footing the bill for the voter fraud going on in Hoboken’s fourth ward right now?

    Gosh, the Mason Crime Family does so much for Hoboken.
    Too bad Beth’s wish to destroy the hospital failed.