Richie Rivera: US Attorney General Has Open Investigation Against Count Wiley. When reached for comment, Wiley denied being a target in any federal investigation, also noting he has no criminal record.


  1. Its a Wonder how Rats begin talking after they get jammed up. Here is a perfect example. Some call it whistle blowing…….

    • I don’t agree with the previous comment. Don’t we all complain about corruption? Then, should we not say something when we see corruption going on? That is all this man did!
      You know with some people, you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t.
      Also, there is just no evidence of what you are accusing this man of. He says he has a letter proving he was never involved himself in the corruption. Please, let us try to be objective and fair no matter how we feel about Roque.

  2. Most of you don’t remember this incident but it was very bad back then with these cops giving tickets & towing cars with no just cause making all kinds of monies this man just took a stand against corruption police don’t go to jail for no reason it only common sense…
    I had my car towed once the garage was under the high rise building on river road they were making money hand over fist this guy that was in charge is name was Kennedy he is a WNY cop the last”” I knew he was in bed with all of them how he became a WNY cop is beyond me now here was a wise guy & hated the Spanish people he should of NEVER been aloud to carry a gun…

  3. Richie, go back under the rock you came out from under. You are a fraud and a disgrace. Everyone knows why you cooperated. Your no better than the crooks you help put away.

    • Unbelievable to me some of the comments I am reading. So if you don’t say anything and allow corruption to happen you are part of the corruption and a bad person and if you say something then you are a rat and a crook. Can you please Larry tell us why did Richie really cooperated if it wasn’t because he is against corruption? I want to know the real reason and I am sure many people will too.
      Like I said, you can’t win with some people because they have the agenda to destroy you no matter what and sometimes it seems the better you are the more they come after you.
      OK, Larry, so I’ll be waiting for your answer.