Richie Rivera: West New York Super PAC fundraiser had at least half a dozen convicts

Richie Rivera: West New York Super PAC fundraiser had at least half a dozen convicts. The Executive Director of the Parking Authority, Richie Rivera, went off regarding a controversial fundraiser held at Las Palmas restaurant on February 12.


  1. So let me get this right Richard, you went there to inform people about parking issues… (I bet you do that for every event in las palmas), then you were taking a picture and the criminal in the room jump in to take a picture with you and Roque. You are so full of sh…..As a matter of fact Roly shook your hand when you came in and you did not call him a criminal. On the contrary you were kissing his behind. I bet you were so happy to see all your old friends.

  2. Riveria got caught again. Pictures don’t lie. Time to play Victim again Riveria. Come forward a few weeks later after the Pictures surface.

  3. Coca from YYY Construction-Rollando Cribeiro-Zanardelli-Rene Abreu-Attorney & Architect siblings “The Pereiras Twins”-Manny Diaz-Rene Avila-Prudencia and Lange were all at this event raising money for Mayor Roque. In fact there were more convicts and soon to be indicted individuals at this event than a halfway house at a typical Federal Penitentiary. We ask who did Coca from YYY Construction rat out during his interview with The FBI last week? We who seek the truth will know soon enough.

  4. I believe everything this man is saying! Roque administration is full of thugs and convicts! Why is he even holding fundraisers? Does he think the people of West New York are stupid enough to elect him again?? Wait! Wait! They never elected him the first time around! In my opinion, he cheated and lied and got elected. Please, people of WNY be smarted next time around and don’t listen to his empty promises!

  5. Richie you are a liar. You got caught hanging around a bunch of crooks and now your trying to save face. You re a Roque puppet and you knew exactly what was going on. Now that the pictures went public you are trying to save your ass. Roque knows full well who these people were, if not for his son taking he hit and Emilio de Valle clamming up on the witness stand, Roque too would be a convicted felon.

  6. Why doesn’t Richie the rat Rivera tell the truth for once in his life? What the rat forgets to mention is that he worked closely with Zanardelli selling fundraising tickets for Roque so he can keep his coveted six figure job as director of The WNY Parking Authority. Why doesn’t Richie the rat mention Zanardelli’s Chief Co-Conspirator our current Deputy Mayor and close friend Silvio Acosta? Richie you champion yourself as a crusader for justice but we don’t hear you mention the fact that Deputy Mayor Silvio Acosta was caught on FBI recordings along with Zanardelli. Why? Is it all about the 100k+ paycheck Richie? Citizens of WNY isn’t it time we throw these bums out of office!

  7. Rivera is trying to be some thing he is not. That would be Innocent. He is a criminal like all the rest he says are bad. He doesn’t want to go down when they all get rounded up. He tries to portray himself as not one of them but he is and wears a wire to save himself in the end. Roque should be very worried now. Rivera has the goods on all of them to protect himself first and to leverage more $$.

  8. I am sure tickled that I move out of that town. Too much corruption there. It has been15 years and has not changed much. I remember the cops on TV, ball and chains down town federal court. Too many wise guys….