Robbery suspect caught by Harrison Police


Curtis K. Rowe-Williams was charged with Robbery and sent to Hudson County Jail on $75,000 cash bail.

On 10/14/14 at 2:53pm Police was dispatched to the area of Harrison Ave and Hiram Place on a call of men chasing another man north on Hiram Place. The fleeing suspect was involved in a robbery and he was being chased. The suspect was described as a black male wearing a white tee shirt with blue jeans and long black dread locks.

The suspect fled north on Hiram Place turned left on to Hamilton Street and made a right onto Davis Ave and proceeded west on William Street where he was apprehended by Harrison Police. Recovered from the suspect was a Indian Wedding necklace approximately 30″ in length which was later identified by the victim as being the necklace that was stolen from her.

When Police returned to the scene, they met with the victim (61 year old female) who told the Police that she was walking west on Harrison Ave, when a man riding a bike rode towards her, after passing her and her husband, he circled around on the bike and grabbed the gold chain from around her neck, while dropping the bike he was on and fled on foot west on Harrison Ave. The victim had injuries to her neck and hand from the suspect pushing her to the ground. An Ambulance was called and responded to the scene where they treated her injuries.

Witnesses to this robbery were transported to the intersection of William and Third to positively identify the suspect. A positive Identification was made and the suspect was placed under arrest by Harrison Police and transported to headquarters. A warrant check was completed and it was revealed that Mr. Williams had an outstanding warrant from the City of Newark in the amount of $2,500 .