Rookie cop and motorcycle cop take down man armed with a sawed off shotgun

Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteers

Police were called to respond to 301 River Street, Giannone Wine and Liquor store, for a report of several males shoplifting at approximately 2’oclock P.M.    When Officers arrived they were directed to two males, still in the vicinity, that were involved in taking a bottle of Patron Tequila, valued at fifty dollars, and concealing it, exiting and leaving the establishment without payment.

Police Officer Jonathan Lyons, who recently graduated from the police academy and is still in field training,  with Officer Joseph Mezzina were able to catch up with the two listed males at Third and River for an investigatory stop pertaining to the allegations made.  Motor Cycle Officer Dylan Archilla responded as back up.

Officer Lyons within seconds of the stop observed a long, dark object protruding from underneath Spadaveccia’s clothing and slightly visible through a tear in his jeans.  Officer Archilla immediately reacted and disarmed the suspect taking control of him and securing the weapon, while Lyons took control of Williams.

The weapon was found to be an illegal loaded sawed off shotgun, slung over Spadaveccia’s shoulder with use of a belt and placed underneath his sweatshirt and into his pant leg, to attempt to conceal it from perception.

Spadaveccia was charged with POSSESSION OF A WEAPON FOR UNLAWFUL PURPOSE (2nd degree crime), CERTAIN PERSONS NOT TO HAVE WEAPONS (2nd Degree), UNLAWFUL POSSESSION OF a WEAPON (3rd Degree), POSSESSION OF A WEAPON FOR UNLAWFUL PURPOSE (3rd degree), PROHIBITED WEAPONS (3rd degree), DEFACED FIREARM (3rd degree), SHOPLIFTING (disorderly persons offense)

Williams was charged with SHOPLIFTING and found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest on an unrelated matter..   Both males were transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante stated “I commend the outstanding display of bravery by Officer Dylan Archilla who quickly reacted to physically disarm the individual who was possessing a loaded, sawed-off shotgun and take him down without injury to the suspect, the officers or any innocent civilians. I further commend the keen eye of Officer Jonathan Lyons, a rookie officer who is still in his Field Training period, who was the first one to see the shotgun under the suspect’s clothing and immediately reacted and alerted Officer Archilla!”

The following is a list of penalties, if found guilty, for the listed crimes if found guilty:

2nd Degree                  Five to ten years in jail for each charge with a fine up to $150,000.

3rd Degree                  Three to Five years with a fine up to $15000.00

4th Degree                   18 months in jail with $10000.00 fine

Disorderly Persons     6 months in jail with up to $1000.00