Rumors confirmed, State Attorney General's Office looking through documents at North Bergen's Town Hall

north bergen town hall march 9
Hudson County TV received confirmation from Juan Escobar, a town spokesperson, that the State Attorney General’s Office are the officials looking through documents at the Town Hall in North Bergen. A written statement from the Mayor’s office should be released shortly. More details to follow.


  1. Please let this one pan out…. Both big Bob and the Sack in the same week. What a great week for justice.

  2. The written statement from the mayors office and I quote ” nanee named boo boo, you’ll never get me suckas.”

  3. This guy is untouchable. The rumors are Disney is planning to make offshoot movies about the Star Wars Universe. The first one is Boba Fett. One of the movies in the pipe line about the Hutt crime family. (Jabba the Hutt’s family) Nick Sacco should star in it as one of the Hutts, he can line his pockets with yet another source of income and Disney would save so much money on CGI.

    As for this “raid” it almost feels staged. The AG is more scared of Sacco’s power than then Sacco is scared of the Attorney General.

  4. Anyone found anything? See if anyone can build a high school for Guttenberg & elementary schools, to many kids in one school.

  5. Lets hope the FBI and IRS do full investigations on North Bergen City Hall North Bergen NJ! They caught Al Capone They caught Anthony Russo Former Mayor of Hoboken NJ It is only a matter of time before they catch Nicolas Sacco! It is rumored that this town North Bergen NJ has been mob runned for years and years lets hope it stops!