He’s a substitute teacher by day and stand-up comedian by night. Steve Way was born with Muscular Dystrophy but that has definitely not stood in his way.

The 26-year-old is the new spokesperson for LifeVac and wholeheartedly stands by the innovative device that has saved lives by removing an object from a person’s blocked airway.

“We are very excited to have Steve join the LifeVac team,” says Arthur Lih, founder and CEO. “He is uniquely positioned to represent LifeVac — and his mission to raise awareness about the physically disabled ties into LifeVac’s mission to reduce choking deaths.”

The patented non-powered, handheld suction product is to be used in a choking emergency when choking protocol has been followed without success.  LifeVac is designed to aid in opening and freeing an obstructed airway.

Choking claims the lives of approximately 4,800 individuals a year just in the United States. One child dies every five days and it is the leading cause of accidental death in children.

LifeVac is dedicated to helping save lives, particularly those at greater risk of choking who cannot be administered the Heimlich maneuver.  With the current complexity of wheelchairs it has become virtually impossible to save someone in a choking emergency.

Way is excited to be chosen as the official spokesperson for LifeVac.

“Arthur has created a truly life-saving device to benefit everyone but has special meaning to the physically disabled,” the activist says.  “I look forward to spreading LifeVac’s message of ‘Save a Life’.”

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