Sal Vega Asks for State Takeover of the Board of Education, Roque Administration Denies any Wrongdoing

Town Spokesman Pablo Fonseca says Mayor Roque never did anything besides recommend hires at the Board of Education.


  1. Cmon pablo what a load of crap…
    Now instead of him lying he’s gonna put you on camera to lie…This is exactly the biggest issue with this administration,that they swear we are stupid!!!!More charges coming…next interview pablo will be saying “No the FBI,did not come here again” lol…

    • The mayor has a ” military background ” that’s how he runs the town. That in a nutshell is the problem. THE MAYOR IS RUNNING the town similar to a military regime , such as in Cuba. This am arrival and we call for democracy – not what ever Felix the rat is implementing

  2. Sal Vega Abused the BOE for 27+years. Vega got paid for not being at his job as Athletic Director at the HS. So for Vega to point a finger is a slap in the face of truth in WNY.

  3. Frank will you be promoting the mayor-council in Union City and North Bergen as well? What are your thoughts?

  4. SAL VEGA, you are shameless!! You are one of the few people who have no right to opine on this matter. All of a sudden you became honest? How do you dare accuse Roque of wrongdoings and abuses when you did exactly the same things he’s being accused of? You didn’t have any problem with the BOE being controlled by the Mayor when you were the Mayor, did you? How many friends and allies did you give jobs to? Just to cite an example, your commissioner Michelle Lopez. You gave her a position as a supervisor. You, in fact, created that position by taking responsibilities away from another supervisor that was in charge of the job you gave to Lopez. Please, tell us how many people applied for that position, give us their names. Nobody applied for it. You just gave it to her. Many other teachers would have been more deserving than her. You also gave her husband, who had no previous knowledge or experience, a very important job in town. And to so many others… Those of us who have been in the district for many years know this.
    How do you dare talk? You should be hiding right now.

    • Erica your 100% right Vega a phony like Menendez did you also know he gave Bill Parkinson 6 figure job & was in charge of the DPW but Bill screwed up BIG X he left the POST OFFICE in Union City thinking Vega would be a shoe in mayor for life sorry Bill but I notice your not writing any more negative letters against Stack what happen there..

    • Sal Vega is a very honest man. He was forced out of office by the dishonest politicians! Hey Sires, Stack & Turner, how are you guys? You guys hand picked Roque???? Sires, wasn’t he your doctor? Is he still your doctor? Hell NO, you ran like hell once Roque got indicted!

  5. Thank you to the person who reminded us that Sal Vega was for many years being paid for a job he never showed up for.

  6. Nicholas xoxo does the same thing in North Bergen. The choice you have for attending the mayor’s ball or the brunch is Pay or do not work here anymore. I ran the pool for a few years and every summer I received a list of names that I had to hire people Because you do they work politically order parents work politically.

  7. I think personally the problem is not hiring people you know. Does it happen yes go to any private company you think CEO of any company would not hire his or her son or daughter to work for his corporation after he just finished college. The real issue is giving jobs to people who haven’t even finished high school and give them a title of Director, President, or Principal. You definitely see that when you take your kids to school. You just know something is wrong when a town hick with no education talks to your kid that is their to get education. This guy in this video you can clearly see he lying through his teeth oh by the way he said that he lowered taxes he did it was a 1 dollar and guess what he’s raising taxes 2.8 percent when you receive your next tax bill. I’m tired of this circus its embarrassing Mayor Roque has been Mayor for 18 months and he already looks like he will be indicted twice. I feel bad for the one Commissioner that gave up her assembly seat for this. OUCH !!!!!

  8. Vega was NEVER accused of any criminal wrongdoing by anyone with any credibility. NEVER indicted. His character was assassinated by individuals with power on their minds. Look where it got us. This town has NEVER been the zoo that it is now. It is a disgrace from top to bottom. The laughing stock of Hudson County. Vega has a very strong chance of coming back to elected office, whether you clowns like it or not. Have a great weekend! :)

  9. WNY Resident being Robbed you think your not getting robbed now all you need to know is your mayor is going from the green berets to a group of men in orange jumpsuits.

  10. WTF? The same Pablo Fonesca who worked for Booker and tried to take over Perth Amboy? This guy is a crook!

  11. Victor during sals administration taxes in WNY went up 38%,should i write it again,yea why not,38%….the state took over the town and there was alot of wrongdoing,Vega has no chance of a come back,trust me,nice guy but not the leader WNY needs.He has already failed….
    Maribel,my interest and heart are in WNY my hometown,none of us ever really know what the future holds but the answer is no its not in my future plans…
    Sleeping yes same Pablo….
    Amen Erica….

  12. Whats going on at the W.N.Y B.O.A is troubling!!!

    BUT whats more troubling is why no one mentions the outrage Why Mrs Marie Bombino (Clavero) is getting paid almost six figures to play with Silvio Acosta’s PP every day???

    The Taxpayers need to know why their taxes are going up!!!

  13. Victor P, Why do you feel the need to call names to those of us who disagree with you? It shows why you are such a fervent Vega supporter.
    Vega was lucky ( like his predecessor Sires) that he never was accused of any wrongdoings, but those of us who have been in the district for many years know full well that he committed these same abuses, giving, and creating, jobs for their friends and allies. Once again, please, ask him to explain his commissioner Lopez getting a job as a supervisor; to give the names of the other teachers who applied for such position(there will be none) and how she was selected. And explain the same thing about her husband getting such a prominent job in town with no qualifications or experience.
    I hope you are wrong in that Vega will be elected again. We need to keep trying and trying until we find somebody truly honest and bend on doing what’s best for this town.

  14. If Roque is a army man, why did he hire people like Fonseca,Rivera
    Indri,Accosta,Pope, because these people are all losers!