Sal Vega and Carlos Betancourt announce partnership at block party

Sal Vega and Carlos Betancourt announce partnership at block party. Betancourt explains his decision to join the West New York Alliance for Change.


  1. More dead wood Vega trying to get back his mayor job Vega you had your shot & you screwed up WNY so go back were you came from underneath that rock YOUR A LOSER

    • Betancourt” we are here for the community its nothing political” you people are such a piece of crap. You are there wanting to run for power again its all to your benefit. Im sure will not vote for you mr vega…. I will not want to see those property taxes up again.

  2. I sure hope Vega will never again sit on the Mayor’s chair. If West New York is going to vote Roque out, it should be for somebody better, not much worse. It would have to be for an entirely new person with only the best interest of the town at heart; a person who, among other things, would not give jobs to his friends and allies but only to the most qualified applicants.

    Is there such a principled and unblemished person? I would argue there isn’t. Not here nor anywhere else.

  3. Chucky the Clown joins the Loser Drunkard thief………….HAHAHAHA

    Where is Big Bertha the Clown Master?

    Vega will never get Sacco to bless him after what Vega has been saying around JC about him.

    WNY is in trouble people sell your houses now!