SECAUCUS, NJ- For years, the Secaucus Arts and Crafts program has proven to be a great success. The two-hour program operates out of the Pre-School Facility at 150 Plaza Center and is run by Toni Ann Salvatore, a physical education instructor. It offers children ages 4-12 a chance to make crafts, play board and card games and spend time outside.

Arts and Crafts operates on a half-hour interval basis to keep excitement levels high. Each half-hour, age groups move from room to room, experimenting with different activities. Several counselors, who Salvatore calls “role models,” guide each activity closely. She believes that they are “role models for the program and for the kids,” providing security, a helping hand, and a fun playmate.

Salvatore runs multiple programs throughout Town this summer, including Game On, a physical education based program. Game On is for children ages 6-11 of all skills levels. Salvatore and Instructor Lisa Clark, use their experience as physical education teachers to plan activities for the program. Their goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle through active games such as soccer, capture the flag, hockey and more. When asked about the program, Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli describes Game On as “an exciting program that teaches kids that exercise and staying healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Toni Ann Salvatore has done something great here.”