Secaucus Booster Club President Charged with Theft of Funds according to press release

The President of the Booster Club Elena I Ratti (38) has been charged with allegedly stealing in excess of $25,000 worth of Booster Club funds between July of 2015 and August 2016, Captain Miller from Secaucus Police Department said in a “internal” press release that was leaked to Hudson TV and later shared to the press┬áby Secaucus PD.

According to it, in July 2016, the Board of education contacted Secaucus Police and stated there was suspicious activity involving the Secaucus Patriots Buster bank account and Elena I Ratti was the sole controller of the account.

It is alleged that Elena I Ratti utilized the money to pay her personal bills. She was charged with 3rd degree Theft of Moveable Property.

According to the press release, Chief Flaherty said the following: “These types of investigations take time and patience, but the community needs to remain confident that the Secaucus Police Department will fully investigate all complaints”.

The new press release states that Elena I Ratti was arrested on March 8, 2017.

Secaucus PD just released information about this incident a few minutes later after we published this article.


  1. the new release states she spent some of the $25,000 on “utilizes” instead if “utilities” & that she was arrested on “March 29, 2017”

  2. Took over a year to arrest her? Between June 2015 and august 2016? Where were the board members? Who was over-seeing the books at monthly meetings? There has to be more to this. If she was President, who was secretary/treasurer?

  3. Hudson TV u guys are fucking joke … but more are the people believing the shit yall come out with… about u guys forgot to call me so I can expose the corruption going on in North bergen police department and union city police department. .. like get real …. yea we gonna call u and get ur story …yea right .. u guys are being run by the corruption as well. ..

  4. This isnt Elena. So out of character I will never forget her being there for me when my mom died. Thats something you never forget.