Secaucus car burglars arrested: 1 adult and 2 juveniles

A 19-year-old Jersey City resident was the ringleader in a rash of Secaucus car burglaries.


According to Secaucus Police, 10 French juveniles are charged with burglarizing 12 unlocked cars in a Secaucus residential area.

Three days later, 23 more unlocked vehicles were burglarized in the same residential area over the nighttime hours.

Various amounts of US currency, electronic components and credit cards were stolen.

Detectives processed each vehicle for evidence and canvassed the area.

They arrested two Jersey City juveniles: a 17-year-old on August 3 and 16-year-old on August 8, who were charged with committing the car burglaries.

At the time of arrest some stolen property was also recovered.

The investigation led to the arrest of 19-year-old Savione Bryant on August 9 since the police say he “employed the juveniles to commit the crimes.”

Chief Dennis Flaherty reminded all residents to be sure to lock their cars every time and not to keep valuables inside to reduce the chance of anyone committing this “crime of opportunity.”

The Chief praised the intensive and diligent follow-up investigative work of the Secaucus Police Detective Division for finding the culprits of these crimes.

Bryant and both juveniles were each charged with 23 counts of burglary and seven counts of theft.

All three were also charged with several counts of conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit theft.

In addition, Bryant was charged with two counts of using a juvenile to commit a criminal offense.

Anyone with more information regarding the vehicle burglaries should call the Detective Division at 
(201) 330-2052.