Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli announced on October 11, that First Ward Councilman Gary Jeffas will step down from the Council as of January 1, 2017, and succeed David Drumeler, who recently resigned from his position as Town Administrator. Mayor Gonnelli also announced that current Board of Education President, John Gerbasio, will be considered to fill the unexpired term of Councilman Jeffas.

The Mayor’s complete statement is as follows:

“A few weeks ago, I asked Councilman Gary Jeffas to assist in our efforts to find a permanent replacement for Town Administrator David Drumeler, who left last month to take a position with the County. We discussed the type of person we believed would make an ideal candidate and the qualities we would look for; such as, ability to work with others, unquestioned integrity, and a good knowledge of Secaucus.

I also emphasized to Councilman Jeffas that I would be working side by side with our next Administrator and that I would want to create a close working partnership with whomever we select. I sincerely believe that this appointment will be one of the most important actions taken by this Council for years to come.

While Councilman Jeffas was giving me his thoughts on the appointment, I came to the realization that the ideal candidate for this position was sitting across from me.

Gary Jeffas and I joined the Council together nearly 10 years ago and have worked together closely over that time. When I was incapacitated earlier this year, Gary did a great job filling in for me and, with the help of the other Council members, made sure the Town kept running on all cylinders. Gary has been an incredibly dedicated and effective part time Councilman for our community. There is no one I would rather have working along side me every single day. All of the Council members are excited to have the opportunity to work with Gary in his new role for our community and I have no doubt he will be an excellent Town Administrator.

Gary is a very active attorney and will need some time to wind down his practice, while he fulfills obligations to his clients. Accordingly, Gary will resign from the Council and be appointed Town Administrator effective January 1st. While we will miss him on the Council, we believe he will be in a position to be an even greater asset to our community working as our Administrator.

I am also very pleased to be able to announce at this time that current Board of Education President John Gerbasio has consented to be considered to replace Gary on the Council. He has done a great job on the Board and has recently retired, giving him greater availability to become even more involved in our community.

In conclusion, since I became Mayor almost seven years ago, we have made a number of appointments and changes which have greatly improved the operation of our government. The entire Council believes that these new changes will go a long way in our continuing efforts to move Secaucus forward.”