Secaucus honors fallen hero in a big way

Secaucus honors fallen hero in a big way. Today, June 13, the bridge in Secaucus above Route 3 will be renamed for firefighter Joseph Tagliareni, who had a heart attack while responding to a call.  HCTV spoke with a fellow firefighter and friend to learn about this local hero.



  1. I thought there was a weight limit to be a firefighter? Someone should tell Secaucus they need a nutritionist on staff before they will have to schedule another dedication.

    • The fellow in the interview does not climb ladders. If you had come to the Memorial you would have seen all the fit Firemen of Secaucus.

  2. I knew Joe, was honored to serve in the Marine Corps with him as well. No one joins the Marines to get rich. No one serves on a Volunteer Fire Dept like Secaucus for the benefits. Joe Tagliareni is what a good man looks like. I also know Joe loved that department. I am in Iowa today, a long way from my home in Bayonne , NJ the corn is almost most knee high by the 4th of July they way they like it. None of this would be possible without young men like Joe. So it makes me sad when I can’t share a story about him. Now with the bridge being named after him I can point at it and say, I knew this American hero. Semper Fidelis Brother! Hope to see you soon.

    • Thank you Robert Campbell for those kind words. It was a wonderful dedication with all depts turned out. His son is so proud. He is 16 now and was only 18 months when his Dad passed.
      The Tagliareni Family