Secaucus Hotel Shooting: Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along!

Gun fire shots were reported outside a Secaucus La Quinta Hotel early Sunday morning where a man was shot multiple times.

Despite no suspect having been identified or apprehended — hello, this means the shooter or shooters are on the loose! — ┬áSecaucus police nonetheless were confident enough to assure the public that the shootings were “an isolated incident,” according to one press report quoting Secaucus police captain Dennis Miller.

The rapid rush to claim this is an “isolated” event contradicts HudsonTV’s experience with the Secaucus PD, from which routine records requests regarding police actions and suspected crime are delayed or often virtually ignored.

How can Secaucus police be so sure just hours after the shooting that there is nothing to worry about?

And, if they are telling us the whole truth, then why delay on records requests?

It leads us to a reasonable question: What is there to hide?

And why?

When a dangerous gunman is on the loose, the public definitely has a right to know.