Secaucus in urgent need of flood relief donations: Mayor pleads for Help

Secaucus was a casualty of the torrential rain that hit Hudson County last week with flooding damaging many homes in town.

Most of those properties did not have flood insurance since they were not located in a flood zone.

Secaucus deployed the town’s DPW, first responders and Team Rubicon to the affected communities.

According to Mayor Michael Gonnelli, many residents now face unexpected financial burdens as they need to replace personal property and repair parts of their homes.

More than 70 homeowners reported minor to significant damage, largely in basements and lower level buildings.

Others lost hot water heaters, washer, dryers, heating systems and more.

Gonnelli says the town is stepping up to lend a hand.

The Secaucus Emergency Fund is currently collecting flood relief donations. The mayor asks residents to seriously consider donating, as all gifts help your neighbors in need.

Make checks payable to the Secaucus Emergency Fund, 101 Centre Avenue, Secaucus, NJ 07094. Please write “flood relief” on your check. You can also donate online at

Donations are tax deductible. Questions, call Lisa Snedeker at 201-617-5917.