secaucus police

On Monday, May 9, police Chief Kevin Flaherty announced the Secaucus Police Department went live with a new State of the Art Motorola Police Radio System. Chief Flaherty said, “The new system provides crystal clear radio transmissions from both the car and portable radios at any location within the town.”

The police department has been working closely with the mayor and council over the past year to make the upgrade following numerous documented radio failures and dead spots with the hand held radios officers carry daily. “The new system is not dependent on the aging copper wire phone lines but utilizes satellite receivers located at several buildings throughout the town. It is designed with several levels of redundancy and will continue to function even if an individual receiver fails.” Chief Flaherty noted the new portable radios allow the Officers to communicate directly with Fire Personnel, O.E.M. Personnel, and DPW Personnel as well as the State Police Emergency Network (SPEN ONE) in cases of major emergency. With a history of unpredictable weather including Super Storm Sandy, resident safety is a major priority. “The new system is also more resilient against weather related emergencies and disasters and has a projected twenty year life span.”

Mayor Gonnelli added, “Keeping our residents safe by providing the Police with modern resources is of utmost importance to my administration. We see initiatives such as the recently acquired Police Accreditation, upgraded computers and software, and these new radios, as important investments in the community.”

Chief Flaherty extended his thanks and appreciation to Mayor Michael Gonnelli and the Town Council for their commitment to the safety of the Police Officers and the residents in authorizing this upgrade. He also recognized Police Officer George Miller and Lieutenant Wayne Bruton who worked with the contractor, Regional Radio for a seamless transition.